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    more libido and energy

    so I have been married for the past 5 years and over time I have noticed less and less desire happening my wife is not as attractive to me as she once was. I think if I started to take a supplement that would help get more of an urge to want to have sex that would really help a relationship I'm...
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    best testosterone boosters for libido

    my libido used to be pretty good but now it is going downhill . I'm in my mid thirties and it's not just the same way anymore. it did not help after I ran a couple steroid cycles. when I was on it was really high but then since then I haven't felt the same Which testosterone boosters would you...
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    Will sarms harm or help libido?

    Cannot get much of a straight answer on this one but it was wondering if sarms will help or hurt libido? I’m currently 5’9’’ 188 pounds, 18% body fat 23 years old I want to run a stack of lgd4033 10mgs a day Rad140 10mgs a day And yk11 5mgs a day I am dating a girl steadily and we like to have...
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    best testosterone booster

    what is the best testosterone booster that I can take on cycle to help boost things specifically looking for something for libido and also erectile issues I'm 52 years old
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    more erections and libido

    looking for a newer supplement to try out for libido increase also would like stronger erections I’m in my 50’s and have a lot of room to improve this area
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    I liked my psl cycle

    PSL is a well known source and i tried them out I did their testosterone and I stacked in a couple orals as a kick-start in finisher I was doing 500 mg of the testosterone and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Crazy good results and crazy good libido across the board. Love it
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    stopping test boosters ?

    What is the best way to stop using test boosters where I won’t get any sort of crash or mood swings? A buddy of mine took 1 for like 2 years straight and stopped cold turkey and said he went into depression and had libido issues. Is there a way to prevent it?
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    Boost libido enhancer?

    Saw this product advertise and it is $55 per bottle you're supposed to take in about 20 to 30 minutes before sex and it's supposed to help with the libido and get you going. It's also supposed to help with orgasms and help your confidence and all that. Do you think it's a gimmick or doesn't work
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    Test booster dose

    If a testosterone booster says to take 5 a day Would it be okay for me to take twice that dosage or how about the other direction and take half the dosage? I'm looking for a boost of libido
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    Do test boosters help cholesterol too?

    thought I read something that testosterone boosters help with cholesterol levels can you please clarify this for me. I can't remember which Forum it was or if it was a thread on here I always thought they were just for libido and that sort of thing
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    Finding the perfect cycle

    So i have some things i want to dial in First i don’t want anything that will mess with my hair or libido. That is most important Next is something mild cause i like to party once a week (everyone where i live parties) I’m 25 years old, 5’11’’ 184 pounds. Goal is to look good naked
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    sex libido aids

    my gas station used to sell some good libido aids but they stopped selling them now I guess I have to buy online what are the best places to buy them and which ones should I use?
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    Female libido with/without steroids

    I find that when i run steroids my libido goes way up as a female I’m in my mid 40’s now and i compete in certain competitions maybe once or twice a year What is the reasoning for libido going up like this on cycle?
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    Low libido help

    I currently have some low libido It feels like my dick is about to fall off sometimes I need some help with getting my dick working again I’m gonna start my cycle tomorrow and want things working right, which supps help?
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    Strongest testosterone booster out there

    I'm looking to take something to get my testosterone levels up I'm in my early 50s and I would like to take something that can get my libido up in my strength of without having to go on trt
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    New dad and dead libido

    Nothing is worse for a new dad than having low libido just the stress of having a baby and dealing with a crying child all night plus my wife is holding a lot of fat if you have an experience that you have no clue is there a supplement that can help boost my libido
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    Heard of sex dust?

    Was Browsing the internet and came across something called sex dust pretty good reviews it's supposed to help with your libido and energy they Market it as something called Moon Juice and it has different Ingredients in a powder that you mix. Will this stuff help or a waste of money
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    First sarms cycle advice

    male/ 22 years old 5 ft 10 160 pounds no clue on body fat but I'm pretty lean I want to gain muscle and get stronger my friends are using steroids but I know they're not good for me so I want to stick to sarms my question is will sarms effect my libido? I am dating my first ever boyfriend...
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    How to pick a good libido booster

    I was at the supplement shop and the guy was showing me all the products that were for sale and he said that I should try a couple and see how my body reacts to it. I told him I would come back tomorrow after I asked you guys on here for your advice what kind of libido-boosting supplement...
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    boosting my libido

    I'm looking to get my libido boosted higher and also help with my recovery from the gym I think a testosterone booster is probably the best bet for me can you recommend which one you think would work best I bought one from the store for $15 and it didn't do anything for me