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  1. V

    cycle for best mirror results

    not concerned with strength not concerned with libido not concerned necessarily with side effects I just want the straight up best cycle for looking good in the mirror I’m currently 35 years old and I feel like I’m at the prime of my athletic life 10% body fat 212 pounds and 6’4’’ I’m hoping...
  2. U

    Tren/Libido/PCT/TRT ADVICE???

    Ok gents. First post. Could use some insight from anyone more knowledgeable than me, which is probably many of you! I am 43 and have been on legit TRT since 37. I did Tren E for several cycles back to back with a month or so off in between for about two years, most recently ending in January...
  3. C

    Change in libido after cycle

    On cycle my libido is terrific Off cycle it tends to drop I've done four different steroid cycles using all kinds of different ones and it's always the same and result and experience for me. rather than just stay on all the time I need to be able to come off right? so what supplements will help...
  4. H

    Masteron and libido changes

    So far i’ve done masteron twice. Didn’t want to say a thing after my first run. If i run too much masteron vs. testosterone my libido drops, but if i run twice as much test it is still good Any reason why this is happening? Last cycle did 200mgs test and 500mgs masteron and libido dropped 3...
  5. H

    Managing several tren side effects

    32 years old and I've been using steroids for about 4 years I feel like I am ready for trenbolone, i went on the cycle about 5 weeks ago At week 3 i was feeling good, no issues, but once i got into weeks 4 and 5 it got serious I'm dealing with several different sides sleep issues, High libido...
  6. lora4ca

    Messed my hormones - Help

    Hi, Long story short , i'm 26y.o , competed in 2021 , ended with binge eating , then bulimia and for the last 7-8months i would say i have a good relationship with food. Since sept last year i was diagnosticated with hypo and i'm on T4. I was feeling extremely fatigued, could'nt loose weight...
  7. D

    Sex help with libido

    I've got average libido I would say nothing too crazy just looking for a supplement that I can pop before my wife comes home so that I will be in the mood and I'll be able to maintain an erection for a while I've tried different dick drugs and they just don't agree with me. give me headaches and...
  8. J

    Dylan help me with masterbation and sarms

    Hi dylan, I am having weird things happen to me when using sarms When i take them i start wanting to masterbate. I do it 2 times really fast. Not sure if placebo or not But when i have real sex with people while drunk i cannot get it up at all and no libido Does this have to do with sarms or...
  9. P

    Simple sarms run

    I’m 34 years old and this is the first time using sarms I’ve used testosterone before and thinking whether i should stack it with sarms or not My main concern is libido and strength. Would Like to see an improvement with both my body fat is around 15% and I weigh around 208 lb Would like to keep...
  10. G

    more libido and energy

    so I have been married for the past 5 years and over time I have noticed less and less desire happening my wife is not as attractive to me as she once was. I think if I started to take a supplement that would help get more of an urge to want to have sex that would really help a relationship I'm...
  11. W

    best testosterone boosters for libido

    my libido used to be pretty good but now it is going downhill . I'm in my mid thirties and it's not just the same way anymore. it did not help after I ran a couple steroid cycles. when I was on it was really high but then since then I haven't felt the same Which testosterone boosters would you...
  12. S

    Will sarms harm or help libido?

    Cannot get much of a straight answer on this one but it was wondering if sarms will help or hurt libido? I’m currently 5’9’’ 188 pounds, 18% body fat 23 years old I want to run a stack of lgd4033 10mgs a day Rad140 10mgs a day And yk11 5mgs a day I am dating a girl steadily and we like to have...
  13. K

    best testosterone booster

    what is the best testosterone booster that I can take on cycle to help boost things specifically looking for something for libido and also erectile issues I'm 52 years old
  14. T

    more erections and libido

    looking for a newer supplement to try out for libido increase also would like stronger erections I’m in my 50’s and have a lot of room to improve this area
  15. W

    I liked my psl cycle

    PSL is a well known source and i tried them out I did their testosterone and I stacked in a couple orals as a kick-start in finisher I was doing 500 mg of the testosterone and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Crazy good results and crazy good libido across the board. Love it
  16. A

    stopping test boosters ?

    What is the best way to stop using test boosters where I won’t get any sort of crash or mood swings? A buddy of mine took 1 for like 2 years straight and stopped cold turkey and said he went into depression and had libido issues. Is there a way to prevent it?
  17. C

    Boost libido enhancer?

    Saw this product advertise and it is $55 per bottle you're supposed to take in about 20 to 30 minutes before sex and it's supposed to help with the libido and get you going. It's also supposed to help with orgasms and help your confidence and all that. Do you think it's a gimmick or doesn't work
  18. Z

    Test booster dose

    If a testosterone booster says to take 5 a day Would it be okay for me to take twice that dosage or how about the other direction and take half the dosage? I'm looking for a boost of libido
  19. J

    Do test boosters help cholesterol too?

    thought I read something that testosterone boosters help with cholesterol levels can you please clarify this for me. I can't remember which Forum it was or if it was a thread on here I always thought they were just for libido and that sort of thing
  20. U

    Finding the perfect cycle

    So i have some things i want to dial in First i don’t want anything that will mess with my hair or libido. That is most important Next is something mild cause i like to party once a week (everyone where i live parties) I’m 25 years old, 5’11’’ 184 pounds. Goal is to look good naked
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