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Dedicated newbie looking for input

Her yorkie. Glad to see you back. And your still training hard nice one Hun!
Good look with the charity thing I love to see people doing there bit for charity I will check out your link now see whAt it's all about.

Hope your feeling betta soon keep up the hard work your doing so well


I love the comments from your family!!!! You're a lucky woman to have all that love and support :)
I am super impressed with your goal of climbing the three peaks- and i am sure you will reach your goal no problem.
I hope those aren't your real shoes- LOL...are they?
Wow Em ! I take my hat off to ya huni. What your doing is amazing and for such a good cause also,
What Trex said bout your family messages is bang on I had a tear In me eye reading them ,
I'm all for leaving you a donation once I get my internet ip and running I'm just using the net on me phone for now lol.

All the best you'll rock it!

What your doing is amazing and for such a good cause, ~Good for u~
I'm sure you'll meet your geals with no problem :)

Love the pic of the shoes !
Dang gurl, you go get em good sista.
Out of curosity do you know the height of the peaks?
One summer a hell of a long time older brother and me did 4, 14ers-(14,000 ft peaks) in Colorado.
Now I know you dont have hillz like that in the UK but would still like to know.
Glad to have you back yorgy, was missin you!
You Rock Sista!:lil k::lil k::lil k::lil k::lil k::garza::garza:
Aw thanks guys for all your lovely words about my challenge.
Trex - what's up with my shoes?!! (lol it's an automatic pic that came up on the website, need to change it)
Zed - well they're nothing like what you once climbed! Ben nevis in Scotland - 4409ft, Scafell in England - 3209ft (the one that's done through the night), and Snowdon in Wales - 3560ft.
The record for doing all three is set by some army guys at 18 hours, so we should be ok with 24hours to complete - fingers crossed.
Right, I'm off to get littlies ready for nursery and hit the gym for arms - and hopefully some time on the Summit trainer if my cold will let me breathe through some cardio!
Catch you all later x
Hey chika is that Summit trainer something like a climber? At any rate cardio is the very best thing that you can do for a cold. Gettin in clean fresh air at tons of volume and blowing out everything thats in your lungs and throat.
You go yorgy!!
God I hate hate hate cardio!!
yeah Zed it's a funny machine actually. Smooth like a cross trainer but not in an elliptical shape. Stepping motion like a regular stepper, but a huge stride in comparison. And you're stepping on like a 45 degree slant rather than straight up and down. Absolute killer.
Had the resistance wacked up to 10 to try and mimic the weight I'll be carrying on my back. Did 30 mins and the sweat was pouring of me, I was drenched - but managed to do almost the same height as the smallest peak I'll be climbing. Need to build it up to an hour of this 3 or 4 times a week I think, and then I'll have a chance of actually enjoying the climbs rather than just enduring them!!! Jumped on the recumbent bike too for 20mins, level 8 afterwards.
I thought cardio was a bad idea actually Zed when you've got cold etc., I've read it somewhere! So I'm pleased to hear a different school of thought.
And at least I got my fun training in first - bi's/tri's.
I hate INDOOR cardio. But I love going for runs outside, especially in the rain (nice and cool on the skin). It is such a great stress reliever.
As for exercising while sick- i heard it's OK with a head cold, but if it's in the lungs it may be wiser to wait. I haven't had a chest cold in some time, but I do recall that it is very difficult to breathe just being inactive, much less doing cardio.
My special secret recipe for colds though:
your favourite herbal tea (lemon or camomile is nice) with slivers of raw ginger, a little honey, and a wee sprinkle of cayenne powder all stirred up is very soothing. i also like chicken noodle soup with cayenne pepper when I'm sick :)
Hey yorgy that was just my opine, but that is what I did in the army and track. Worked for me.
Yep thats a climber and they kick some serious ass too sista!
How come you gonna carry so much weight chika?
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