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Dedicated newbie looking for input

Well Ms.Sexy Trexy hit it yet again. (Back) squats put more tension on you glutes and hams. So you saying that you are quad dominant should be correct cuz you leg press more seriously then you squat.
Go here and read this,
For your aquats yorgi you could just set the lower pins at the correct height for you and not need to worry with a spotter. This is essentially what I do with sawhorese. I workout at home so never have a spotter.
BTW did I explain to you how to use the Leg press correctly?
I just noticed your squat routine. It may be also that you are not warming up enough, and thus not achieving your greatest potential in regards to weight.
Do you do any warm up sets? (In addition to regular 10- 15 minute warm up cardio before training)
I start off with about 2 or 3 sets of around 10 warm ups with a lighter weight. After the second and third warm ups (not the first due to cold muscles) I do squat specific stretches by holding on to one side of the rack and squatting down deep with no weight, and really opening up my hips, moving slightly from side to side and allowing my glutes to begin firing. lol yes it looks a bit funny but who cares eh?
Then I add on more weight and take it from there depending on how strong I am feeling. I do around four or five actual working sets with heavier weight. I might drop the weight on the last set a bit due to fatigue. I use a power rack so no need to worry about toppling over or anything. Really squeezing your glutes and driving from your heels will give you added power on the rise up too.
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Trex thanks so much for all the info on your squatting routine - I definitely don't do anything like that so will incorporate it on next legs day for sure, and see how it helps. Thank you.

Zed - no you didn't go over leg press with me - we touched on the fact that my leg press is a horizontal one and I don't like it compared to vertical presses but that was all.

This week's really busy for me so struggling for full workouts, kids sports days and nursery graduation ceremony etc. but I'm still going and doing a little bit in the short time I have. Next week will be more normal.
Upped the weight on a couple of chest things today Zed as instructed. Will post detailed logs next week again to see if you think it's better.
Ok yorgy, on leg press;
Think of your legs as a very very slow sowing machine.
You dont stop or pause anywhere in your reps till your set is done.
So that means no stop or pause when your knees are up in your chest and no stop or pause when your legs are all the way out either.
The motion needs to be one long continuous fluid motion.
You dont need to lock out, in fact better if your dont.
When you are with your knees up in your chest, do not go past the point of making your spine round in the lower part of your back. In fact just dont go quite that far even.
Did you check out the link I gave you? If you didnt go read that whole thread. Some very good info in there.
I did read it yeah Zed (just forgot to say I had!)
Really interesting stuff isn't it, and totally makes sense to me now why squat/press weights are so drastically different.
I will concentrate on your leg press guidance next leg day Zed. I never lock out on anything (not on purpose anyway) but I'll definitely
keep my mind on fluidity of the motion as I'm sure like most people I'll be pausing slighty.

Getting a tad concerned about progress report/pics at the end of this month. Doubting there's gonna be much difference. If there is it certainly won't be like previous months in terms of inches/lbs lost which will hit me hard as I still have soooo much fat to loose!
Dropped a full dress size a month 3 months in a row but this time I don't feel the difference in my clothes at all.........hence the apprehension. Can we please extend July by a few weeks?
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