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  • Hey sista missin you and the Mr. too on here. Hope all is well with you and family.
    I hear that. I have had my run ins with the schools here for my son. I still have my run ins! School starts next week and I give it until October before I am over there complaining again. My son has ADHD as well, however he is non medicated as it is not that bad for him. The elementary school was all "Medicate medicate medicate", even going as far as sending home fliers in his backpack LOL. Did some testing 2 years ago on him and guess what- his adhd is a low form triggered by a learning disability...GO FIGURE!! I am glad that I did not medicate him as it would have been pointless. Just be cautious with her and possibly look into a neuropsych exam..I forget the exact name as this was 3 years ago that I asked for one but I will figure out the specific testing and hit you up with the name. It tests everything including anxiety&depression.
    Dont ever feel guilty hun, DON'T....
    It will get easier, trust me. The more you stress and worry the worse everything will be. Just remember to keep a level understanding head when it comes to her and schooling and do not let the schools give you any shit! I will look for that PM, havent really been online too much sure my inbox is large LOL
    Sweetie, I am sorry that you are going through this. I am always around if you need me. Hit me up on N2bm and I will give you my personal contact information!! Been there done that with the ADHD stuff, it is overly frustrating!
    Give your sweet girl a hug and a kiss from me! I had no idea that you were leaving us, I am sad to hear it. But your daughter needs you more than we do. You are one hell of a good Mama and I am more than sure that everything is going to work out for you!!!
    Seriously though, I will give you my contacts, you keep in touch and maybe I can assist you with some pointers xoxo
    Hey Girlfriend ! Everything is going really good, just plugging along! So next week I will take the final pics for the contest:) I am not where I want to be but a lot closer than I was... This has been a very good jump start.
    How are you doing sweetie?
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