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  • Doin pretty good, thanks hun. Got me a fiance' and these 3 kids roaming around keeping me busy...All that besides working of course :)
    Glad to see you back!! I didnt kno that you originally left as I was only online to check pm's until recently. Was kinda ran off the website, if ya get what I mean..
    Hello could you activate me please , I already confirmed my email , but can't make a post..
    I want to post a question in the steroid section. :)
    Posted some pics in my log bro, don't really do me justice but It was so hectic before we left for the wedding I didn't get a chance to take really good pics. Oh well, hope all is well bro!
    HEY BRO! Yeap ... it HAS been a while ... almost a year, since I was last on the forum ... but now I'm back! HA! How have you been keeping?
    Just posted in my log. I thank you so much for your help! I look forward to working with u in the very near future!
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