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Approved Log BigD Supreme Bulking cycle - Testosterone, Deca, Anadrol, Dbol, Trenbolone, Equipoise, Masteron Log

Monstro likes the cycle. but that a lot of bloating up that what you want?
i think this cycle is too aggressive but it's up to you it's your log
20 weeks is a long time especially with the dosing and especially with what you're using
I would personally compress the cycle to 10 or 12 weeks instead of spreading things out
bros i wont lie. this is a big ass cycle
I really hope you post up some before and after pictures because you going to have some major changes and also some major sides
Like I said in his other thread, this makes no sense unless you are a competitive bodybuilder trying to turn pro. I see this cycle as a hospital visit. I hope you have blood pressure meds cause your going to need them. And you wont even post up photos or show us what your workouts look like as far as weights used. Nobody can give you any real advice until we see what were working with. Until you do so I see this as a trainwreck.
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