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  1. C

    Would you use dbol with tren or something else?

    I’m currently doing tren ace. 150mgs 2x per week I’m curious what i should add in here as my oral debating between using dbol and another oral. Goals ? mostly strength, muscle and vascularity I'm training three times a week strength. and I'm training twice more a week high repetitions I'm...
  2. N

    Old fashioned Canadian bulker

    I’m from the heart of Canada in Alberta. Over here we eat a lot of beef, play hockey and lift. Other then that not much else to do lol I’m looking to bulk up My diet is mostly moose meat, bacon, and soup Looking to bulk up, currently 6’1’’ and 167 pounds. I think 20 pounds would be ideal and i’m...
  3. D

    Mixing 2 more steroids with dbol

    What are the steroids we can mix with dbol for best results? I do NOT want to bloat up. I’m looking to get some good results and feel good in terms of motivation and mood I have 2 packets of dbol Should i try test and something else like EQ maybe? I’m 47 yrs old. 5’10’’ 210 pounds and 17% body fat
  4. L

    How to kickstart a 2nd cycle

    I’m currently 32 years old and this is my 2nd cycle and first that i am stacking 2 things at a time Around 200 pounds and 6’1’’ with 14% body fat First cycle was test 300mgs a week only My goals are Lean muscle mass and also body fat loss can you give me some advice on which oral steroid i...
  5. R

    Test E, Primo and dbol from domestic supply review

    Here is my domestic supply review I’m using the test E 250, 2x per week Primobolan 400mgs a week And the dbol 25mgs a day they say it takes two to three weeks to get your package but I got it and more like two or three days so very very fast shipping and surprising I'm only 2 weeks into this...
  6. B

    Options for test, dbol and proviron this time

    I've done testosterone and Dianabol before and it was a lot of water retention but I kind of liked it. was able to really boost my appetite and gain a lot of size and strength This time my plan is doing the same cycle which is 300mgs test and 30mgs a day dbol. but this time I would like to 50mgs...
  7. H

    Best cycle below

    Body fat is 10% or so 5’11’’ 205 pounds Gonna run my biggest cycle yet. Before i did a pretty good size cycle and had good results now i want to do this 👍 Dbol 30mgs 6 weeks Test cyp 300mgs 12 weeks Deca 10 weeks 300 Eq 600 12 weeks Aromasin Caber Diet has been clean and cardio and training have...
  8. JimAbs43

    Podcast 535 - Can you cut on steroids like tbol or dbol? 535 - Can you cut on steroids like tbol or dbol?
  9. X

    Female clitoromegaly

    Hello i need help I was desperate to lose weight so I decided to use anabolic steroids as a female the end result was my boyfriend ended up dumping me because he said that I wasn't tight anymore I'm very concerned about this do you think that after I stopped steroids a month ago things will go...
  10. Z

    Using anavar and dbol?

    I’m a female 28 years old 5’5’’ and 120 pounds I want to bulk up more and get stronger. Right now i am very weak and my progress has stopped A lady friend of mine suggested i do var and dbol. She said to try 5mgs a day of each Then increase it by 2.5 mg after a week. do you think this is a good...
  11. A

    cannot go wrong puritysourcelabs PSL is a quality source. I honestly have nothing bad to say about my first time using them. I ordered primarily a cutting cycle and was able to put on lean muscle mass and get vascular. Very pleased with my results. experience was smooth, they are good. communication is good...
  12. JimAbs43 Underground 19 Orals Only Bulk - Dbol, Anadrol, Tbol - Geneza Pharma Underground 19 Orals Only Bulk - Dbol, Anadrol, Tbol - Geneza Pharma
  13. JimAbs43 Hardcore 17 - Tbol and Dbol Stacked Hardcore 17 - Tbol and Dbol Stacked
  14. M

    Personal preference for Anadrol vs dbol

    I'm looking for anecdotal information and maybe personal preference and why. I've done dbol and I'm considering anadrol in my next cycle.
  15. H

    domestic supply has potent products

    15 pound gain is pretty good i think. I went from 165 pounds up to over 180. at one point i was 183 pounds. 1 week from order to landing. ordering is smooth easy to use site. delivery took 6 days total. products ordered were dbol, test, and anadrol. results are very effective considering I’m...
  16. P

    geneza makes you feel like a god

    This is the first time i got steroids online. I used them cause of their good reviews. I’m glad i did. I feel like an alpha the first month on. did not have any hassles. its very easy to order from them. delivery and packaging is usps and fast. i got their test with dbol and 3 weeks into cycle...
  17. U

    domestic supply went Beyond expectations

    Very pleased with the source. This was the first time I try them. Their customer service is spot-on and they got me my products to my house simple to use them they said they would ship the next day and did packed well deca, dbol and test were ordered will be back to update
  18. F

    PSL has a good rep for a reason

    this seller is very solid, they are easy to order from. Just go to their website and place the order. I am looking for real steroids and they have it. took 2 weeks to get to me which is not bad. ordering was easy and delivery was 15 days from order. packaging was discreet, wife had no clue. i...
  19. S

    Forcing growth with steroids?

    I have a lot of lagging body parts especially my legs my upper body has good definition though this is why I want to use steroids to bring up lagging parts I have a couple options in mind What do you think about dianabol/dbol and deca durabolin? what are the maximum dosage is of each? I’m...
  20. I

    first ever order with domestic supply and things went great

    these guys are very professional and a question about the payment and they got it resolved very quickly. we'll use them again. they have fast responses to emails and tracking. delivery was fast shipped within 24 hours. i've ordered test E and dbol. results are amazing blood work confirmed it's...
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