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tren e

  1. bigdextreme74

    Approved Log BigD Supreme Bulking cycle - Testosterone, Deca, Anadrol, Dbol, Trenbolone, Equipoise, Masteron Log

    Hey brothers! I am updating my cycle and stats. I did not like how it posted (3 different posts) This is my first ever log. First a little about me. I tend to be a very private person and I don’t like a lot of attention. Hence, for me to put myself out there is a huge step. I was a tall...
  2. C

    Tren e and test 450 pct

    Hi guy/girls im new to this kind of thing i have a mate whos been at the gym training me im on 1.5ml of test 450 and 1.5m of tren e 200mg a week, this is my first cycle of 12 weeks im away om holida in August so my question is what pct should i take after my cycle. 20 years old male. Thanks.
  3. J

    Tren E , Mass 400 , Primo

    hey guys im new to this forum stuff and was wondering if you guys with abit of experience or knowledge could tell me how to run my cycle,to get the best out of it ,im currently thinking of running a 10 week cycle with tren E - 200mg a week mass 400 - 400mg a week primo- 200 mg a week so i...
  4. E

    Bridging from TrenA to TrenE

    Hi all Currently on a cycle comprising of: 250mg/week Test-E 37.5mg/day Tren-A Just wrapping up week 6 of the Test-E and week 3 of the Tren-A. Planning on running the tren for 8-9 weeks and the test 12 overall (including the build-up, ramp down of the longer ester test). I have pretty much...
  5. D

    Cycle Help

    I am 48 about to start my first cycle. I have Cypionate test and Tren E. What is the recommended dose? I was going to go with 250mg cyp every 5 days and 150mg tren e. Just looking to put on some size and cut body fat without major sides.
  6. B

    Bulking cycle thoughts anadrol tren e test e more

    I have 2 vials of tren e 250 and 2 vials of test e 200 Then I have 50 pills 50 mg anadrol Clomid and providex plan on running this 8-9 weeks what do y'all think?
  7. E

    Second cycle advice

    Hey everyone, this is my first post so be nice, I am coming to the end of my first cycle of 12 weeks test c 500mg e5d and was planning my second cycle, I want to achieve good growth but not be a bloat lord at the same time. I will be doing 12 weeks of test e at 750mg per week with a 4 week 30mg...
  8. N

    Running winstrol

    GUYS , At the moment Im running 12 weeks of 500mg test e , 400mg tren e and eq 400mg / weekly. I am into my 3rd week. I am running 25mg of proviron to keep bloat at minimum and good libido. During the last 6-8 weeks of the cycle I intend to run winstrol 50 mg ed. I am using My question is...
  9. N

    Lean Bulk Cycle

    Hi Guys , I am going to start a lean bulk -cycle followed by a cutting one. The cycle will be as follows: week1-week12 sustanon 250mg a week (Mon and Thur) week1-week10 tren e 400mg a week (Mon and Thur) week10-week 16 primobolan 600mg a week (EOD) week 10-week16 winstrol tablets 50mg ed...
  10. T

    Test e and Tren e

    hello guys im new to anabolic steroids and need lots of advice I managed to cut my weight from 270lb down to 225lb currently just by working out and dieting right but i want to reach that next level where i could actually see my abs for once in my life and at the same time i want to stay bulky...
  11. T

    Test cyp, Tren E, Dbol cycle. Please review

    For starters I am 27, 5'7" 195 lbs , and around 12% bodyfat. This will be my 4th cycle and 1st cycle with tren. I know being my first cycle with Tren I should go with Tren A but all I can get my hands on is Tren E. I don't really get sides so I'm hoping that this will be the case with Tren E. I...
  12. conundrum

    Proposed next cycle...

    Stats: 34, 5'9" 210lbs 15bf. Several cycles under my belt, including 3 with tren e or tren a. I prefer the longer esters. wk 1-10 test e 500mgs/wk wk 1-8 tren E 400mgs/wk wk 1-4 tbol 50mgs/wk wk 1-12 12.5mgs/day Exemestane (if needed) wk 1-15 N2 Gaurd wk 1-15 HCGenerate or Bridge(dbl dosed)...
  13. S

    Trenbolone Enanthate HELP

    I'm just curious about the off-cycle. Do I stay off for the amount of time I was on it? So, if I ran a cycle for 12 weeks, do I have an off-cycle for 12 weeks before I start another cycle? Thanks guys!
  14. B

    Test e, Tren e, Equipoise Advice

    First things first I'm 31y/o 5'7" 190 lbs prob. close to 16% bf but it is mostly around my stomach/ midsection region everything else is pretty tight ( I was 300 lbs at one point and my stomach is very stubborn). This is my 3rd cycle the last being: 8 week cycle 750 Test E e/w 75 Tren A e/d Hcg...
  15. C

    What do you think for bulk/cuttin

    Sup Guys. Because MMA I cant bulk to much. So I am only running tren for 5-6 weeks at low dose. I weigh 170 12-14 body fat. I want to bulk some and shred up. I can only use non liv toxic inj. So i was thinking I have test E, Eq, tren e, and mast? I was thinking week 1-6 Tren e 200 mg...
  16. C

    help with my tren e cycle

    so im new here never really posted on forums before but ive bought a 20ml trenbolone enanthate and i basically want to take it to get as strong as i can with the least amount of weight gain. right now im 21 5'8 and weightin around 165 170. i have only takein like a epistane cycle and a...
  17. T

    Tren stacks

    Was wondering if anyone could suggest a got stack to run tren acetate with? thinking about masteron or winstrol but wanted to hear from other people about the gear their running.. and if their is any supplements/ vitamins that should be taken with tren. for example- milk thistle, etc..
  18. L

    Good Stacks?

    I have 3000mg of tren ethanate, 3000mg of test propianate, 250tabs of 5mg D-bol, 100tabs of Nolvadex, 5000I.U. HCG pregnyl, 15 tabs of Clomid. I want to put on size but stay pretty lean! Should I even run the D-bol?
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