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Back after 13 years


Just saying I'm back. Probably nobody on here anymore I know. I haven't posted since 2005 or 6. I went from being a kid to a soon to be divorced man. Fucking life man. Whatever....
hey mark! I just logged in too. Was remembering how popular message boards were back before social media lol!

Ah the memories of this place. Most of us are on that facebook group tho. Sadly everyone is older and moved on.
I just created a new account. Original handle was Special Bill. It’s been 20 years since I’ve been here. I remember Havoc, Mrs. Brickhouse, Rotten, the guy with Patrick Bateman as his profile picture that was always posting pics of himself getting head from randos. Place was crazy back then. We had a blast. Trying to remember some other folks. If the mod here used to be called Wotan or something similar, he’s been around forever. Anyway, let me know if anybody remembers those days and people!

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I came back to run a ESARMS log and wandered over here because the crew that was here...5 or 6 years ago...were so funny, I could usually get at least 1 out loud laugh a day. Don't see any on them around....
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