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Back after 13 years

Just got back in to fitness. Jumped on the board and it looks like its changed alot since I last logged in many years ago.
Just saying I'm back. Probably nobody on here anymore I know. I haven't posted since 2005 or 6. I went from being a kid to a soon to be divorced man. Fucking life man. Whatever....

Beautiful thread to remember the old days. I clearly remember you brother.

We used to have so much fun back in the day around 2003-2005.

I was married in those days. Today I am divorced from a VERY LONG time. 2008 to be exact. Continue in the BB lifestyle, visiting different forums mostly looking for info. I pop once in a while at EF just hoping that some day I will be what it used to be.

Anyways, #MAGA
Random check in. I've been hiding/lurking around on other sites but EF will always be my first true luff!

I just created a new account. Original handle was Special Bill. It’s been 20 years since I’ve been here. I remember Havoc, Mrs. Brickhouse, Rotten, the guy with Patrick Bateman as his profile picture that was always posting pics of himself getting head from randos. Place was crazy back then. We had a blast. Trying to remember some other folks. If the mod here used to be called Wotan or something similar, he’s been around forever. Anyway, let me know if anybody remembers those days and people!

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You bastard. Where have you been? I also wonder if Wodin is still alive. He was really really really old. You and Havoc made me laugh more than anyone else. How is your pops?
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