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Approved Log Russianstar returns log

Hello everyone.

So I trained today fasted after a black coffee.

Flat bench
80kg x 10
90kg x 10
95 kg x 7
100kg x 5
110kg x 3

That's a big improvement in 2 weeks, first week I only did 1 rep on 100kg

Incline bench
60kg x 10
70kg x 8
80kg x 6, 4

Lost a lot of strength on the incline after flat bench.

Machine press
70kg x 8
75kg x 7
80kg x 4

Machine flys
60kg x 10, 12, 8, 8

Calf raises seated
50kg x 12, 12, 10, 11, 11
I get such a strange burn doing these.

Leg press used for calfs
80kg x 10
90kg x 10
100kg x 9
110kg x 6

That's all folks.

Going to have a nice chicken and rice dinner with broccoli .
@russianstarr thats a power day I consider this a clean day

did you have a rice chicken dinner or what?
would be nice to see a meal picture
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