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Back after 13 years

Makes me sad to see this forum almost deserted now. I was basically a kid when i used to come here, just learning to lift weights etc but it was a fun place to come and hang out in the chat & conversation forum and to learn in the training and diet ones. The days where life seemed a bit simpler in ways but internet speeds were slow. People would really take good pride in how much karma they had built up lol. And karma bomb others for bad posts. I remember logging in here during 9/11 and I remember the thread where people based in New York were updating everyone live. Fast forward 17.5 or so years and now we have f'n coronavirus!! What a crazy world.

Someone mentioned that old members are on a Facebook group..anyone know the name of it? Feel free to reply on here and/or email me at [email protected] (i doubt PMs would work)

Beautiful thread to remember the old days. I clearly remember you brother.

We used to have so much fun back in the day around 2003-2005.

I was married in those days. Today I am divorced from a VERY LONG time. 2008 to be exact. Continue in the BB lifestyle, visiting different forums mostly looking for info. I pop once in a while at EF just hoping that some day I will be what it used to be.

Anyways, #MAGA
Same here bro. I was married eleven years. Divorced 2018. Good to see you again. And yes, #MAGA
Has anyone seen a blue pair of sandals? I think I left them here 14 years ago.
Not sure anyone will remember me its been forever..back when Radar was mod. Lestat was an ass and satchboogie was a fake. Any Carthenians out there
It’s been a long time for me also. I signed up in 2000 haven’t been on since 2004. With all this down time I got back on. I forgot my password and old email pw. I tried like hell to figure it out.
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