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Approved Log TommyMack TRT and Deca Cycle Log

i'm gonna recommend getting someone to take pics
also blurr out face if you don't want it out there
Hi all. New to the forum, not new to forums per se. Been 6 years since I've been on any form of androgen but since turning 40 this year and having 3 young kids, feel the life has been sucked out of me haha.
No but in all seriousness, have had a debilitating knee injury over the last 2 years that just won't heal.
Tried all forms of treatment, was originally a fracture at the bottom of the femur and still causes pain so decided deca might be my last option, and will run test at trt dose alongside.

Will post in more detail when I start but the short of it is;
Training 5 times per week centred around compound movements.
1km swim 4 times per week.
45min-1hr walk everyday.
Nutrition is relatively consistent, generally fast until 11am then 4 meals throughout the remainder of the day. Lean meat in each meal, rice or sweet potato for carbs. Need to up the vegetables intake and stop eating my kids snack foods at night!

Will be running Test e at 100mg e4d and Deca at 100mg e4d in the first few weeks then maybe tapering back to weekly shots.
Gear will be from Silverback (who was a a pleasure working with), which I'll be running exclusively. Been sent out and awaiting it now, then it's go time!

Welcome to any suggestions around training, diet and dosages.
Thanks everyone, nice to be here.
@TommyMack Good to have you bro.....amazing details and legit start to the log.......
Evening all. Was a public holiday here so managed to sneak in a surf and spend a bit of extra time with the family.
Got some training in before heading out for the day, so I was satisfied there. I can be a bit of a prick, so I've been told by my wife anyway, if I haven't exercised in the morning.
Back to work tomorrow and into the thick of it again. A few of you have suggested pics, which I do intend to upload.
I want to officially start this when I've had my first pin, hopefully in the coming days, and plan to update regularly.
Thanks for your replies thus far.
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