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Approved Log AussieBrah Testosterone & Primobolan TRT Cruise Cycle Log

@Aussiebrah thats impressive but KFC cheat meal no pics man/ come on :) i want kfc lol

training hardcore keep pushing it hard :)
I didn’t want to leave anyone astray with their dieting😂😂🤣. Next time I’ll post picks 👍🏼
Little bit too much volume on the legs
My hams to be honest are absolute dog shit. I have an ( A ) & ( B ) workout for my leges which I rotate each week between the two. I only train leg once a week I put one extra exercise on hamstrings for ( B ) workout.
rarely do I see people work on their hamstrings it's a big imbalance
one thing that can help with your hamstrings is stretching them the more stretch they are the more they can grow
that's good that you recognize what you need to work on that shows that you know your body
yes pictures are definitely cool
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