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Anavar dose for sugrical recovery ?

You may want to look into the medication as a medication used as intended for medical use, not as a steroid for bodybuilding.
While that may well be true I challenge you to find an example of anavar being a good medication for disc recovery. Plus you're asking for that very info
never heard of anavar being given to people for this purpose
also to a female? very odd
anavar doesn't heal up discs
I have at least four herniated disc that's from weight training since I was 5 years old.
If steroids help me, I would not have any problems.
I need to find your doctor, ha ha. That sounds really cool. You're able to get steroids from him.
Hey, at this point, why not? Make sure that you are listening to your doctor and let us know what happens. I'm curious.

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Have your wife, come on here and get a log going. A lot of people have a similar problem, maybe she can help us to with her experience.
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