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Approved Log From TRT to TREN log.


Good Broly
I will be attempting to capture what I can from the cycle of Tren I started 7 weeks ago.

Prior experiences: I have been lifting weights regularly for about 10 years. Generally a 5 day a week gym rat. My first experience with PED's was SARMs. I ran those for probably 3 maybe 4 years. My favorite stack was RAD-140 and LDG, I might run a little Cardarine depending on if I felt heavy or not. 10 years ago when I started I was about 135 lbs. With the sarms I was able to get to about 145 and shred into single digit body fat, but when not dieting my body liked 165-170 lbs which I could maintain at around 15% BF.

About a year ago I was tested and while my testosterone was low it wasn't at the action point for most family type doctors to take action. I was around 350 which is good for a 70 year old man. Initially I did all the research and was ready to self administer testosterone replacement therapy. I even ordered the testosterone. I saw an ad for a TRT doctor online at the last minute and decided what the heck. He agreed I was too low and put me on TRT. Unfortunately since he does not follow the policies put in place by my health insurance, my insurance does not cover it. Regardless it is nice to have legal TRT with a legal script. If I travel out of the country I can legally continue to take testosterone with me. To me it is worth the added cost and protects me from the class 3 drug felony offense.

I went through a bad patch with a lot of things going on with family as I am at the age where my parents are now frail and my kid is a complete train wreck. This pulled me out of the gym and put my diet in the shitter. I got up to 200 lbs before I got back into the gym. Was back in the gym for about 2 months and was just getting a little frustrated with where I was before everything started and where I was at that point. Don't get me wrong I was making gains as the TRT was really helping me get back, but in the end I am human and wanted faster results.

First thing I did was decide where I wanted to be and I felt that if I could get my weight back down to 180 to 185 and be around 10% body fat I would feel pretty good. With that in mind I researched steroids. A lot of people will probably flame me for starting with trenbolone, but when I looked at my goals and the available products and their side affects trenbolone was the one that made the most sense. I decided to run a relatively low dose tren cycle while upping my testosterone slightly at the same time.

Currently injecting every 2 days: 50 mg of trenbolone Ace and 75 mg of Testosterone cyp

Also taking: .5 mg Anastrozle 2X a week
Gonadorelin subdermal injections 2X a week
500 mg Potassium tablet 1X per day
Mens multi vitamin generic 1X per day (Has liver support)

Starting stats
Male 47 years old. 5'7" tall. 195 pounds. I was probably way too high in BF% to be running it as I was at 18-20%.

By about Week 3 my strength was going through the roof. I was almost back to my PRs I was prior to my time off.

Week 5 I was setting new PRs

Week 6 my weight finally started to move in the right direction. Now a little side note on the diet. I take a long view with diet. The body has a certain mass it gets too that it is happy at. This is the weight that you will feel good and should not have to be doing some kind of massive macro counting diet to maintain. Yes, you still need to make healthy choices with your diet like cooking a burger at home instead of pounding a big mac, but you shouldn't have to weigh the ground beef and count the calories to maintain that weight. This works for me and we are trying to get my wife to a point that she can do this as well.

at the beginning of week 7

Still a male. Still 47 years old. Still 5'7".
I now weigh in at 188 lbs. Three more pounds and I will be within goal weight for cycle, but I just have this feeling I need to eat more to build more muscle so I may decide to up diet and go for 190 lbs.
I am starting to see Abdominal muscles and the veins are coming out on my arms which indicate about a 12% BF level. Thinking 10% should be possible during this cycle.

Mental: I have not noticed additional aggression and my wife who has been monitoring me has not as well. One thing I have noticed is intense desire for sex, but I had to start taking cialis as while I wanted the sex the equipment did not always want to cooperate the entire way through particularly when it was more frequent than 1-2 times a day. With the Cialis though I can do 4-5 times a day.

Injuries: I started this cycle with shoulder issues. occasionally would not be able to bench due to excessive shoulder pain. Had MRI done and the results do not look good when reading them, but I am hopeful my doctor can give me better info on recovery once he reads and consults with me on the results.
i'm glad to see your log, been waiting for a while

and btw lol "still 5'7"

lets get more diet training updates as you go
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