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Approved Log My post probably fake anavar cycle

The quick and dirty. I did some anavar to fix a long lasting surgical wound that wouldn't heal, even after 3 surgeries to help it heal. Supplier says it's good and the mix with my bcp made me gain about 17 pounds in 4 weeks. We'll see what the roid test says. Anyways, now I've got to get back to where I was and hopefully lose this extra 10-15 I've been packing around for 5 years. I'm 40, 5'7 and 149lbs. (141 at beginning of July before the var and 156.4 three days ago, post var.) to be totally honest, I did the anavar with the hopes of healing, ate like shit and didn't train. Fitness wasn't my goal. Healing was. Now, in attempts to regain my shape and health, I am going to attempt a high protein keto type diet. Should I attempt carnivore? Keto? Is there something better? I am heavily addicted to sugar, my sleep is shit, my hormones a mess. I am fairly active but don't train. With two kids and a business and two houses I rarely shower, nevermind go to the gym. For now I want to focus on nutrition and ill get to the training when the kids are back to school in Sept. I hold a lot of weight in my abdomen, so losing that would be great. Besides bcp, I take magnesium, NAC, and methylated b vitamins (I have a mthfr mutation, single allele) my mood, motivation and give a f#$& are rather low. I am trying to improve this. Overall, my diet isnt terrible, but rather... Healthy with a decent amount of terrible mixed in. I eat a whopping dose of sugar and carbs daily but have kept myself off 'my 600 pound life' thanks to my love of fruits and veg, and dislike of fast food. Any tips for motivation, nutrition, hormones is greatly appreciated. I have been pretty healthy and fit my whole adult life (lots of weights and gym) except for recently (second kid was a doozy, and no one slept for 3 years) . I tend to use the home gym and weights a lot in the cold, long, Canadian winter. I can lift a decent amount with my arms and can easily throw up over 200 lbs in a hip trust.Everything else is weak. Currently, I get most of my exercise from building, renovating, chasing my kids, and walking. On a random note. I've been diagnosed with ASD. Everyone I've told has say the same thing. You're too *smart* well spoken * pretty * friendly * social*normal* to have autism. But here I am. I have a lot of the physical issues that go along with it (POTS, digestive issues, joint hypermobility, skin issues, hyper and hypo sensitivity from body temp regulation to pain from standing it sitting, and life long sleep issues. I can dislocate my hips at will, bend in pretty much any position and put my feet behind my head. I also have pmdd, and seem extra sensitive to hormonal changes. Maybe that's why I bloated do bad on steroids? Would love to hear from any other ASD'ers!
Not ideal.
Not sure if this went thru so I will post again.


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