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Approved Log My post probably fake anavar cycle


digestive enzymes: In theory you should produce all, but our food and environment is so different now than 1000s of years ago (think hand washing) that the body needs digestive help
probiotics: add both regular 100billion and add spore based probiotics
fiber: yes magnesium has laxative properties but that means you take too much. Not healthy to have a higher dose than body can handle.
If psyllium husk is making your bloated, it means your digestion needs work.
Also... I am still only 6 weeks post hemmy surgery. Doc says the magnesium is a must. I will attempt to add a little metamucil. Where do I get these digestive enzymes? What type? My dad is on enzymes, creon. But he also has pancreatic cancer and is missing half his pancreas and 18 inches of his bowel.
@Canadian123 what kind of protein shake you drinking? and how much 20 grams 10 grams etc?

and for breakfast you should add 1/2 avocado to get healthy fats up
Diesel protein powder 24 protein 4 carbs 1 fat.

Will add avacado in the am šŸ˜Š
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