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Steroid Newbie needs help please!


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sister I train many women 5 now and all have some weight issues with steroids, but all have LOGs going, so please share your LOG diary with us
Hello! So Im a 30 years old female 163cm and weight is currently 77kg

Ive just started my clen+Anavar cycle! (10mg clen every other day+5anavar everyday)
And Im freaking out cause Im gaining weight! My goal weight is 65kg so i got some work to do!
Ive been working out for years and have a decnt amonut of muscle on me, have never had a problem with building muscles but the fat is tricky for me!
Im currently counting calories and Im at 1400 calories a day. I also work out every morning before breakfest + im getting my 10.000 steps in Daily!
Im 1 week in to my cycle and went on the weight today and to my horror ive gained 1kg!?
I need help?! What should i do?
Sounds like you’re a HARD WORKER! Love it!!!

Let’s define the word “weight”. Too many of us throw that word around without reminding ourselves of “what” that exactly means in the context of bodybuilding.

In the context of bodybuilding, weight means; WATER weight, MUSCLE weight, and FAT weight
Those are the ONLY 3 things that we humans can control/manipulate in bodybuilding.

So my question is, the 1kg of “weight” that you gained…is it Water? Muscle? Fat? Or a combo of the 3?

Best way to know is get yourself a Dexa Scan.

Details and nuances matter 😀💪🏼

I started a log. Hope this is what you guys meant by log! Im new in this forum so just started to figure it out!
sister let see some pics please
sis good you came to use but you need to post a LOG diary so we can see the full problem
respect for coming to use but you need to LOG LOG LOG now
Ive made a log
I also added some pics
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