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Approved Log My clen+Anavar+thyroid for female cycle log

First thanks for coming
but you didnt share daily diet can we keep seeing your diet daily? hard to judge from just 2-3 days
I think a lot of thoughts and methods exist when it comes to diet, but I live by the rule of is this a change I can live with long term. Going on a diet to loose weight and then going back to your own ways once the weight is achieved will just leave you depressed. The same goes for people trying to pack on additional muscle mass.

In my mind you need to figure out a diet you can live with then build your body around that! Unless your going on stage to compete you will be way happier working on it from this point of view rather than doing a diet you hate. I personally just worry about getting enough protein in a day and take my carbs and fats as they come. Now granted I am not a sweet tooth person that just can't resist cookies and stuff. My go to snack has always been almonds and cheese wrapped in turkey breast lunch meat. Also on that same note I love a glass of Makers Mark on the rocks as a night cap.

At the end of the day I am happy with what I eat and happy with the direction my body continues to go, but I've already accepted that I won't be going on stage at any time in my life.
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