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  1. Y

    Using clen and gw together?

    38 years old and looking to cut down currently 228 lb 5'10 body fat is in the mid to high teens would like to get it to the low to Mid teens my plan is going to be clenbuterol for 3 weeks on and two weeks off. for a total of 15 to 20 weeks and then I'm going to run gw501516 20 to 25 mg a day for...
  2. D

    Using clen as a female

    Was a big fan of britney spears back in the day She actually grew up in the same town i am from too in the deep south and we went to the same church and stuff Anyway was reading how she took clenbuterol when she was younger and it helped her lose weight I would like to do the same thing I’m...
  3. M

    Female Ostarine & Clen stack

    5’5” 170 lbs 31yo female. Been lifting heavy for about 3 years now and I really wanna cut since I’ve never seriously done one. I did a 6 week cycle of what I thought was var. around 10mgs a day. Honestly my diet was shit and I really only lifted weights- no cardio. Gained 10lbs def gained some...
  4. Leopardsocks

    Steroid Newbie needs help please!

    Hello! So Im a 30 years old female 163cm and weight is currently 77kg Ive just started my clen+Anavar cycle! (10mg clen every other day+5anavar everyday) And Im freaking out cause Im gaining weight! My goal weight is 65kg so i got some work to do! Ive been working out for years and have a...
  5. K

    not losing weight on clen

    I have been using clen for 10 days and each day I have increased my dose I started at 10mcg and upped it by 10mcg each day. I am now up to 90mcg and still not seeing any differences I’m 5’1’’ 133 pounds I am down maybe 1 or 2 pounds at the most. But the sides are awful on this I am...
  6. L

    clenbuterol female dose

    looking for help with clen as a female I’m 5’1’’ 160 pounds want to lose about 40 pounds never used it before and never tried any sort of PED before what would you do in my situation ? How much do I use and forhow long.
  7. E

    Getting headaches on Clen

    I have been on Clen for two weeks and I am starting to get really bad headaches especially during and after a workout or when I have sex. I am using 80 micrograms per day and getting good results so I don't want to stop. How are you dealing with the headache on this drug
  8. P

    clen and anavar stack

    Hey I am 42 year old female. I have seen videos on clenbuterol and anavar/oxandrolone. I run twice a week and I go to the gym 4X per week. Take 1 day off where I rest. I can put on muscle pretty easy for a female but having a tough time burning excess fat in the thighs and shoulders. How...
  9. L

    time to use Clen and T3?

    Female 5’8’’ 135 plan on competing this summer bikini I want to use Clenbuterol and T3, never used either. Have used anavar oxandrolone before and sarms. They did not help me cut the way I had hoped. I need something stronger. Heard clen has bad sides, can you explain what I can expect?
  10. S

    anavar or clen for female?

    I know many of you don’t believe in oral cycles but I don’t want to inject as a female. I am looking to get an advantage and push myself more. I am currently 36 years old and have been serious about the gym for 5 years even during the pandemic. Body fat is under 20%. can I run anavar...
  11. B

    New to Clen, and need an advice ?

    Hello all, would you please advise me on the following: After a lot of trials to lose fat ,e.g. different training programs and diets, it failed. I decided to keep on the working out and dieting, but also to use Clen. I ve done a lot of search. I got my hands on good quality clen, and I am...
  12. M

    Clen, Clen clen.. help?

    So, I tried a clen cycle before, I just couldn't hack the sides. I bought 3 freakin' bottles thinking that this was the way to go. Maybe, I dosed to quickly, not sure. This time, and it's been a good 6-8 months since the last time, I'd figure I'd give it another go. So today, I started out...
  13. P

    Extreme mood swings on cycle.

    Hello everyone. Need help with a female client on cycle. First off: 12 week body sculpting Doses: 30mg Primobolan Bayer E3D 5mg Oxa morning ED 5mg Oxa night ED 20mcg clen morning ED Diet is on point Current BF 8% Started 15% (8 weeks prior) High level strength athlete Physically this...
  14. A

    Alpha Pharma Clenbuterol Fake?!

    Hi there, So long story short got some alpha pharma clen which I've heard amazing things about - tapered up from 40mcg to currently 160mcg and have not felt ANYTHING this whole time, it's been a week and I know it was legit Alpha Pharma because my source is very reputable and the product check...
  15. A

    Australian CLEN - Fake?! AI UGL

    I've been using liquid clen dosed at 150mcg/ml from ANABOLIC INNOVATIONS for the past week. For the past 3 days I've been on 105mcg of the stuff and have not been feeling ANYTHING whatsoever. I feel as if my heartrate is definitely elevated but that's about it. No significant weight drop...
  16. C

    Decent cutting cycle for a woman?

    So, I've done var only cycles. For reference I'm female. 5'1.5" 123# 16% bf. I have ran var only, ecy only, and clen only cycles. I'm 7 weeks out from figure. Right now I'm stacking var with ecy, but plan to drop the ecy and switch to clen a couple weeks out and add in nolva 3 weeks out and drop...
  17. P

    advice on taking clenbuterol. first time user

    hi, i' m 17 years of age, weighing 128.50KG, height 188 cms and im thinking of taking a low dosage cycle of clen. I've been going to the gym for roughly 16 month (first 4 months were improper workouts) and built some muscle. if i could have some advice about dosage and which forms are better...
  18. J

    Request Advice: SARM's Stack for Fat Loss and Muscle Growth VS AAS

    Hi Friends, I am new here, and wanted to request your expert advice. I wanted your suggestion on a good and effective SARM's stack, which will help me drop BF as much as possible, and increase Muscle size to the maximum. I want to avoid taking any AAS, because of the sides and long terms...
  19. P

    pageant girl's first clen - please help!!

    Completely new to all of this so forgive me if I say it (probably all) wrong - but in a jam and you guys know your stuff! So here goes: I'm a 28 yr old female - 5'7" - 120 pounds around 18% bf. Haven't been able to get the "jiggle" off my stomach - looks awesome standing still but jumping up...
  20. B

    Fake clen ?

    Hey lads, was just wondering if any of you had ever used litealean clenbuterol 40mcg before, manufactured by nexgen pharmaceuticals apparently. I've been using them for a few days now with no apparent side effects and I am starting to wonder if they are copacetic or not, any one any experience...
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