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Steroid Newbie needs help please!

Start a log asap and keep us updated with your progress..........
Here is the log
Hello! So Im a 30 years old female 163cm and weight is currently 77kg

Ive just started my clen+Anavar cycle! (10mg clen every other day+5anavar everyday)
And Im freaking out cause Im gaining weight! My goal weight is 65kg so i got some work to do!
Ive been working out for years and have a decnt amonut of muscle on me, have never had a problem with building muscles but the fat is tricky for me!
Im currently counting calories and Im at 1400 calories a day. I also work out every morning before breakfest + im getting my 10.000 steps in Daily!
Im 1 week in to my cycle and went on the weight today and to my horror ive gained 1kg!?
I need help?! What should i do?
Here is the log
Clen and T3 is an outdated way to try and lose fat. I would try something more modern like Cardarine at 20mg per day with alternate day fasting.
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