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anavar and clen cycle

  1. Leopardsocks

    Approved Log My clen+Anavar+thyroid for female cycle log

    Ive started my 8 week Anavar+clen+t3 cycle. Im 1 week in. OD pharma 5mg Anavar 50mcg t3 20mcg clen building my way up to 40 30years 163 cm 76,3 kg My goal is first to loose the weight, my goal weight is 65kg. Would be nice to have some toned muscles too at the end of it. Im on a high...
  2. Leopardsocks

    Steroid Newbie needs help please!

    Hello! So Im a 30 years old female 163cm and weight is currently 77kg Ive just started my clen+Anavar cycle! (10mg clen every other day+5anavar everyday) And Im freaking out cause Im gaining weight! My goal weight is 65kg so i got some work to do! Ive been working out for years and have a...
  3. A

    BEGINNER - About to Start Anavar & Clen Cycle

    Hi There, New to this forum and this is my first post, so please please forgive me if I may sound like a complete rookie and / or missing important details WHICH I WILL FIND OUT once someone here advises me to. Brief History: Male, 26 years of age, going on 27 next month. My maximum weight...
  4. malex101

    Anavar and clenbuterol

    I'm asking this question for my girlfriend who lives with me. We are both into fitness but have gotten a bit comfortable over the past year of living together. Her stats 5'2" 132lb bench........110 deadlift.....225 squat........160 Diet: occasional juice fasting rice with tuna/or maceral...
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