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Approved Log My clen+Anavar+thyroid for female cycle log

Your on a good path. With the 1 kg of weight gain I would not sweat it. Weight gets tracked over time and you are looking for a trend over a week or longer. Depending on the morning I can swing 2 kg when I wake up, but if I follow the trend over the week and see the average weight from 7 mornings is lower than the week before I know I am loosing weight, not gaining.

Also this is the first time you are taking steroids. You have to learn how your body reacts to it and different people are more and less sensitive to a given steroid. My wife did Anavar and actually gained 2 kg over 8 weeks, but her bench went from 95 lbs to 155 lbs over that period of time and all her other lifts also increased. That meant she was most likely building muscle. On the other hand my wife tried primo and her Libido went through the roof, she lost about 4 kg over 8 weeks, but also dropped down on her lifts 10-15 lbs each. Now she has a plan to try and run both together and see if she can get the weight loss or maintain and also get stronger at the same time. My wife can't handle Clen as even at 10 mcg it gives her a headache.
What is primo? Dose it has the same effect as clen? Im hoping i by taking clen i will loose more fat than gain muscle 😅
Primo = Primobolan, which is the trade name for Methenolone. Injectable anabolic steroid.

You can read about it here:

@Leopardsocks I don't suggest using ANY injectable steroids for women. My ex-g/f was on primobolan and had some nasty side effects a year down the line, so don't do it. Women should only use oral steroids that are tested and easy to control the doses. NEVER EVER touch any injectables no matter what.

Clenbuterol will not make you lose muscle, it's lightly anabolic so expect mostly fat loss from it.

Can we see some updates on your diet training? we are all waiting.
What i ate yesterday

Breakfast : oatmeal with whey protein powder and milk, blueberries and cinnamon

Lunch: ricecakes with cottage cheese and paprika

Dinner: Chicken, broccoli,paprika,sugar snap peas and Protein rice

In the evening i eat a little protein pudding too

For snacks i eat popsickle which are 0calories so i eat alot of them haha!
Thats it basically. Ofc it varys but ye

For my workouts. My weight are pretty light right now as ive had a break from the gym so i dont Want to hurt anything building my way up again.

Squats 10x3 50kg
Hipthrusts 10x3 80kg
Bulgarian split squat 10x3 10kg
step ups 10x3
Kickbacks 10x3 20kg

Lat pulldown 10x3 32kg
Reverse grip lat pulldown 10x3 25kg
Dumbell row 10x3 15kg
Lat sweeps 10x3 18kg
Assisted pull ups to failure

Il keep you guys updated
What is primo? Dose it has the same effect as clen? Im hoping i by taking clen i will loose more fat than gain muscle 😅
Primobolan is an injectable steroid. As long as doses are under 50 mg a week and it isn't being taken with other steroids it is generally classified as safe for women. Men generally take 200 mg + during a cycle. Keep a Primo cycle under 6 weeks then take an equal number of weeks off. The problem is it is one of the more expensive steroids and again would need tested as it is actually relatively common to replace it with other such as Masterdone, but mast will have nasty side affects in women. If your going for strength and muscle growth I think Anavar is the better route.
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