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Dumb. Biceps curl Sudden loss of reps in dominant arm, not neurological. Any1 experience this b4, want 2 avoid doc. Please help

    1. Shoulder issue? Right dumbell biceps curl a lot less weight than the left one....

    Hello, all,

    Title: Shoulder issue? Right dumbell biceps curl a lot less weight than the left one....

    (and I'm a right handed person)

    In August, I had to sleep on a shag rug for about 2 days

    After the 2nd day, I awoke and ....
    I noticed my right shoulder was really stiff and hurt at the *upper deltoid*

    I applied aqua therapy that seemed to help a lot

    Current Concern:

    Yesterday, I was doing a set of standing dumbell biceps curls, the right arm only could do 30lbs @ 4 reps (unassisted) but with my left arm helping the right arm doing positive & negative reps up to an 8 rep

    Meanwhile my left arm could do the usual 30lbs at 11 reps with no need for help from the right hand to do pos & neg reps up to 11; it could easily do 11 reps unassisted.

    I googled to find an answer on muscle weakness, but it does not seem to be a neurological problem, thank God. In other words, this isn't the onset of some neurological disease, or a mini stroke, among other things, I can still type 60 wpm and my speech isn't slurring

    There's no pain when I lift with the right biceps by the way, it is instead just a lot of tension as if the dumbell weighs a lot, and maybe a small little crack noise in the shoulder once in a while at top of the exercise.

    Question & Possible Solution:

    Is this a sign that my right shoulder injury 2 months ago in August has weakened the tendons & ligaments in the right shoulder, and that I need to gradually get the right arm *at a lower weight on the dumbell biceps curl, *like 15 lbs instead of 30lbs
    and slowly work my way up to *what I used to do: 30 lbs @ 11 reps easily with the right arm when doing a bic curl?

    In addition to going back in a lot of weight, would it be wise to do low rep, low weight Shoulder Rotator cuff exercises with one dumbell, or just one (1) five (5) pound weight plate?

    One last concern:

    It seems that the *dramatic drop in the weight I used to do with my right arm biceps curls, Is a big Ego let if I'd just like to pop back into my old self with the right dumbell standing biceps curl *at the same reps and at the same weight, but that would be a bad way to go about this and might cause increased shoulder injury?

    Thanks a lot for any useful constructive help or opinions


    Also, I wanted to add that last night on a comfortable bed, (I've been sleeping on a comfy bed since those day #2 on that shag rug in August, 2022)

    there was a dull ache on the right shoulder deltoid, making it difficult to sleep, that was the 1st time this happened, (a dull ache on my right shoulder while sleeping sufficient enough to wake me)

    Granted this morning's dull shoulder pain in bed, this may have happened last night because:
    after noticing a significant drop in what my right arm could do for a standing dumbell biceps curl, I actually forced out the normal rep range I would do, using my free hand (my left hand), *forcing positive *and* negative reps to like a 10 rep, from a prior dismal (no spotting), 4 rep range. That may have made the area tender while sleeping.

    But you will note that

    The range of motion is very very good yesterday and today

    This may still not be a rotator cuff "tear" right?
    Even if it was it seems "tear" is a harsh word with rotator cuffs, and a tear can actually get better on its own

    The only symptom I had is muscle weakness (leading to a very low unassisted dumbell bic curl rep range), *and dull aching while sleep on the right shoulder * and maybe the other symptom, a few pops once in a while.

    Thanks, again.

    Update on research:

    from City place surgery dot com

    Quote: With a tear, the arm can barely move overhead.

    Tendinopathy tends to happen over months, even years, of overuse. Tears, however, are sharp pains that generally occur after a sports collision or accident. (end quote)

    Lying on a shag rug and sleeping on it for 2 days, correct me if I'm wrong wouldn't constitute an accident or an injury sustained in 1 day

    *As such, it appears, I don't have a rotator cuff tear, but Tendinopathy (that comes with aging)

    I still welcome any ideas on recovery. Muscular weakness, although maybe temporary is some weird stuff.

    The holding of a 5 pound dumbbell and doing flexors, (as in something that seems like a standing dumbell front raise), might be the best way to slowly get back into my right arm dumbell biceps rep range?

    Thanks again

    1. The sudden drop in my right arm Reps (my dominant hand, im a righty) is that...sudden, as if the cartilege and tendons are really tired from 50 years of use, especially the right arm which is the dominant arm since I obviously used it most thru my 50 years of life.

      it's a bummer, i can in no way because of Ego or because of pride do the same rep as the left arm, or that's a recipe for further, worse injury am I right?

      let's assume I'm right? (i was just hoping that my psyche or my mind could make it happen thru like visualization)

      i will i guess have to do lower poundage and lower reps till the right arm has the same level of reps as the left

      thanks again.

    the key is to slowly work the right arm back to the reps it is accustomed to

    thinking i can "visualize" the same # of reps as the left arm

    will end up screwing up my right arm a lot worse.

    10 pounds on the right dumbell biceps curl slowly and easily

    I might even do barbell curls so that things don't seem or appear a lot bummerish worse than they feel, cos both arms will obviously do the same reps in a barbell biceps curl

    im so down, but i can't give up on getting back ....

    I want to avoid a trip to the doctor, because you know, it's getting colder with Autumn and Winter so as to flatten the curve in terms of hospital visits, for those sick from covid

    *This doesn't warrant a trip to the doctor, or even a tele-doc appointment righ

    Would I be correct in a Rehab plan, based on a good range of motion and no more pain in my right shoulder upon sleeping on a regular bed,

    that the Rehab plan would involve me slowly work lower reps, lower weight and eventually the right arm will be able to do what the left arm does in terms of rep range for a dumbell biceps curl?

    Thanks, so much in advance for any constructive help.
if your shoulder not getting better you can self medicate like
50mgs ostarine ed
5 tabs n2joint rx ed
3 tbsp fish oil ED

and add yoga daily

or you can goto the doctor and seek help and possible some rehab plan

i would definitely take time off at least 2 weeks from upper body
i would goto the doctor for this and why didnt you share your cycle log on EF when you doing it?
why not get a good scan xray etc?

and why dont you have a LOG journal up on EF?
why didnt you share a log journal with us in the start? no traing log? no diet log come on
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