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Dumb. Biceps curl Sudden loss of reps in dominant arm, not neurological. Any1 experience this b4, want 2 avoid doc. Please help

More Info.:
*The bright side is that my Range of Motion in the affected right arm is very good, I can move it up over head, sideways, without any pain or stiffness

If you look at my very 1st post on this thread,

here I'll repeat it:
Tendinopathy tends to happen over months, even years, of overuse. Tears, however, are sharp pains that generally occur after a sports collision or accident.
(end quote)

*I don't have any sharp pain, so I must not have any tears, right?

Why I want to avoid a doctor:
Naturally, I want to avoid a doc visit during these times, with covid and Flu season and they are busy and backed up even more with appointments.
The doc I would go to he'd send me somewhere far for an MRI and he doesn't have an x-ray in his office (my medical insurance sucks)

How about this plan, can someone confirm it?

Here's the plan:

1) Wrap my arm in a sling that has a gel pack
(use aqua therapy in that heat up a gel pack and put it in the sling) for about 2 or 3x per day;
there is no swelling in the shoulder, and ice has never really helped me, but very warm, almost hot water has.

Warm up with rotator cuff exercises, anyone knows these common knowledge exercises: namely, you hold a 5 pound dumbell at the waist move it out and then in towards the body

another rotator cuff warm up to increase blood flow is to do a variation of a dumbell front raise with very low weight like a 5 lb plate

Do only light barbell curls at a light weight and high reps for 2 weeks (the light barbell curls obviously won't show a depressing difference in either arm like dumbbells currently do)

Fish oil every day
Glucosamine every day
(I can't afford Osta., right now so that's out of the question) I do musician gig work and all of that's dried up w/ the pandemci

How this problem started:
I slept on a shag rug for 2 days 2 months ago. The shag rug was on top of a hardwood floor

That's the event where I felt really bad stiffness in my right upper deltoid shoulder where you people pin the delts.

I'm natural right now so I'm not taking any juice (haven't for a year)

My training log?
Nothing closely resembling even amateur bodybuildng, but instead, sporadic, non routine.

80 to 100 pushups every day all at once

cardio for 20 minutes per day

ab crunch curls on a machine

biceps curls

Thanks in advance again

What I'm looking for is someone to say, dude you can fix this shit on your own at home

Thanks again

not sure what to say
if you cant even afford ostarine but you do need it with glucosamine and msn etc if you want recovery imo
maybe some peptides too
bro also stop fapping 3x a day. that wear out muscles

Hey dude, I don't fap or whatever you were trying to get across

I'm a devout Christian and rarely cuss or curse

I don't fornicate

No sex by myself, no masturbation

I understand a.a.s. makes people say wacky things, I've been there, but I don't like your joke

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