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Approved Log SARMS Testosterone Log


Dynamic stretching and movements for the warm up

Db Bench
5 x 90
5 x 100
5 x 110
Superset with 1 arm lat stretch
3 breaths

Split stance landmine press
8 x 55
8x 55
8 x 55
Super set Ground slides

Feet elevated bosu push up (3 seconds down,explode up)
Superset with plate carry
20 steps (45 each hand)
20 steps (45 each hand)

Barbell shrugs
12 x 185
10 x 225
8 x 225

Shoulder flye machine with handles
8 x 120
8 x 120
Superset with tri extension machine pistol grip handles
8 x 140
8 x 140

Did 15 mins on the bike to end the workout off. Did 10 second sprint 10 second rest x 3. Then I’d rest a minute. Do again, for a total of 5 times.

Great workout all together. Hit another PR with DB bench getting 5 for 110 so happy about that.
@CodeNameDuchess Numbers are solid bro.........
Went for a run this morning, walked 1km, ran 3km run and walked another 1km Was hoping to run more but was fielding work calls.
Got some push ups and body weight squats in during a conference call, was locked home the morning so I was lucky to get the quick run in
Golfed 18 this afternoon, walked 7km
@CodeNameDuchess good clean day for you
want to see you do high protein, food intake?
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