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Approved Log SARMS Testolone RAD140 LOG

Update with diet and sets/reps.

Thursday 4/20

20mg RAD 140

3D Multi Vitamin X 3

Melanotan 350 mcg

Training (Arms & Shoulders) - one hand d handle cable bicep curls 3x10, cable tricep extension 3x10, cable forearm curls 3x10, hammer strength shoulder press 3x10, reverse barbell forearm curls 4x10, prone wrist curl 3x10, shoulder side raises 4x10, hammer preacher curls 3x10, rope tricep extensions 3x10, spider curls 3x10, lying d handle cable shoulder press 3x10, front shoulder raises 3x10, cross body curls 4x10, dumbbell forearm twists 4x10, seated broomstick oblique twist 4x15, seated knee tuck 4x20, dragon thrust abs 4x20, ab wheel rollouts 4x25

Cardio - Treadmill 20 minutes (incline 6, speed 3.5)

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs, 2 sausage patties, white toast

Snack- Peanut Butter crackers,

Lunch - Pan seared pork chop, Spanish rice w/ pigeon peas

Snack- Banana

Dinner - air fried balsamic vinaigrette chicken breast, green beans, roasted carrots, corn, biscuit

Snack - Protein Shake


Friday 4/21

20mg RAD 140

3D Multi Vitamin X 3

Melanotan 350 mcg

Training (Legs) - calf extensions 8x15, Leg press 3x10, barbell glute bridges 4x12, hack squat and 3x10, Deadlift 3x10, leg curls 3x10, hip abductions 3x12, hip adduction 3x12, glute kickback 3x10, walking lunges 4x12, ab crunch machine 4x15, cable oblique twist 3x12, cable crunch 3x12

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs, white toast, sausage patty

Snack - Banana & handful of blueberries

Lunch - Balsamic vinaigrette chicken breast, roasted carrots, green beans, corn

Snack - Kind Bar

Dinner - Korean beef over white rice

Woke up around midnight hungry and had a bowl of shredded mini wheat cereal w/ 1% milk


Saturday 4/22

20mg RAD 140

3D Multi Vitamin X 3

Melanotan 350 mcg

Training- Rest Day

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs, sausage patty, wheat toast w/ honey

Snack - Protein shake

Lunch - Korean beef w/ white rice

Snack - Protein shake

Dinner - Mississippi beef roast, air fried diced potato


Sunday 4/23

20mg RAD 140

3D Multi Vitamin X 3

175 mg Test Cyp

Training - Rest Day

Breakfast - Ham and cheese omelette, 1/2 blueberry bagel

Dinner - Steak quesadilla


Monday 4/24

Training (Chest) - Supine chest press 3x10, Cross body chest press 3x10, chest pull over 3x10, Cable flys low 3x10, incline bench press 3x10, weighted dips 4x10, incline y raise 3x10, jackhammer press down 3x10, cable flys high 3x10, smith machine d handle parallel bar close grip press, push ups 3x20, decline bench press, Seated knee tuck 4x25, cable oblique twist 3x12, decline weighted sit ups 4x15, ab wheel rollouts 4x25

Cardio - 20 minutes treadmill (incline 6, speed 3.5)

Snack - 1/2 Bagel

Breakfast - 2 eggs, toast, protein shake

Lunch - Korean beef (meat only)

Snack - peanut butter crackers

Dinner - beef roast w/ Spanish rice

Snack- Banana, handful of pecans
@82jdub I like this update. You diet lacking a lot. Toast needs to go, crackers need to go. Instead of toast you should be eating oatmeal (steel cut oats if you have the time to cook).

Instead of peanut butter crackers eat a protein bar.

Replace pecans (the worst nut) with walnuts high omega 3:6 ratio.

Bagels drop completely and replace with a protein source.

Potato should be either sweet potato or yams.
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