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Approved Log My Testosterone Cypionate Primobolan cruise cycle Log

great job we are very impressed
what kind of business are you in to do 12-hour shifts
I'm in the civil construction business,I operate a hydo-excavation machine also operate excavators and skid steer loaders,lay pipe for new sub-divisions and demolition as well.
What about you,what profession are you in?


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Meals for today-
Meal 1- 4x extra large eggs,200g rice and a bannana.
700 calories
21g protein
66g carbs
20g fat
Meal 2-rule 1 mass shake.
1240 calories
40g protein
256g carbs
6g fat
Meal 3-chicken,rice & vegetables
220g grilled chicken breast
145 calories
30g protein
1.2g carbs
2g fat
200g rice-286 calories
63g carbs
5.7g protein
Meal 4-post workout mass shake...1240 calories
Meal 5-salmon,rice & vegetables
200g salmon-
450 calories
24g fat
40g protein
Rice-286 calories
100g veg-51 calories
Just want to add that I Meal prep every second day so I basically run the same menu 2 days in a row then change things slightly.
Today was also start of new training week so it was chest/tricep night I am still doing the same exercises as iv video logged on YouTube except I have added an extra 2 reps to every set taking it to around 14 reps per set,then next week I will up the weight by a couple kg and lower the reps to add new stress to the muscle.
Gear wise I have ramped everything down after some suggestions from forum members iv taken test down to 300mg,taken out the primo and insulin and am only running 2iu of generic hgh per night.I have also noticed a drop in weight over week or 2 by 3kg but I am putting that down to the water/nitrogen retention from running npp along with the other anabolics up around the 1700mg mark I was up at,one thing I have also found is my sleep quality is good again and I'm not waking up 5 times per night lol don't think I'll really run over a gram next blast my sleep suffers and I get agrivated easily.
That’s a great update
End of week 2 on this test c cruize is going well still holding good strength and training with intensity as usual,I'm pushing 14reps per excercise with same weight as last week but will be going heavier starting next week while lowering reps back down to 8 in a bid to add new stress to muscle fibre to promote growth.
Diet has been much the same most days
Meal 1-4eggs,oats,yokurt and fruit breakfast.
Meal 2-mass shake
Meal 3-chicken and rice(preworkout)
Meal 4-mass shake(postworkout)
Meal 5-pork chop and home-made lasagne with some veg.
Meal 6-beef straganoff and pasta
The last pic is me photoshoped onto my favourite bodybuilder,everyone should know who's body that is lol he was a proper monster!🤣💪


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