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Approved Log My SARMS Rad-140 YK11 Ostarine mk2866 cycle Log

10h sleep
Breakfast 3 eggs sandwich, Weetabix with fruit and nut mix, banana and whey protein shake.

Organ shield (puruslabs) X2, 5% rich piana liver & organ
Vitamin: complex D, D3, super omega oil,
20mg Rad140
5mg YK11
20mg Mk2866

Lunch rice,egg,pea, broccoli spinach and kale satay stir-fry

5mg YK11, protein shake, mixed nuts

Dinner: cajun yogurt chicken thighs, homemade oven chips tossed in rosemary and chilli, red and white cabbage coleslaw with red onion, parsley, lemon and mustard.
@tui pics looking good

on the diet

breakfast, stop weetbix or any cereals replace with this
oatmeal 2 servings, 3 whole eggs, 1 tbps of almond butter with whey protein

lunch, what is this meal? how much did you eat of this? what amounts?

dinner, how much chicken thighs?

your diet lacks omega 3 fats like fish oil and Im not seeing any cardio here

training is what?
that diet needs more protein and healthy carbs and more training info
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