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    Yk11 cycle thoughts and changes

    5 ft 11 in 33 years old 178 lb I want to use yk11 and try it 15-20mgs a day But I want to Stack it with something else for maximum results I'm debating what to mix in with it. I know that yk11 has to be ran once a day Is there another sarm i can take EOD with it? Maybe rad140? Or sr9009? I’m...
  2. I

    s23 vs. YK11 for strength?

    If you had to choose between s23 and yk11 which would you choose if you wanted to increase strength? I’m 25 years old 5’6’’ and 185 I am currently benching around 280, want to get to 300+
  3. F

    Shredding my body weight

    I’m going to get leaner, atleast that is what i hope 6’1’’ 178 pounds and 22% body fat I consider myself skinny fat I’ve got cardarine GW and rad140 as my sarms Should i add in yk11 or s4 too?
  4. V

    Yk11 and rad140 are cool

    I did a cycle of yk11 and rad140. I did about 10-12mg a day. Had good results this time I want to take something that's going to cut me up a little bit do you think I should stick to those two and add in gw cardarine? Or should i just forget it and run the same cycle? I’m 5’10’’ and 103kgs
  5. H

    GW+ yk11 is spot on

    I am currently doing a cardarine gw and yk11 stack I’m doing just 10mgs of each I’m having some really good results so far. I'm up about 6 lb and I would say my body fat was down around 1.5 to 2% according to my personal trainer. I'm also doing a really rigorous weight training program and...
  6. D

    Bulking up with sarms

    24 years old 5 ft 10 in 148 9% body fat I think I want to bulk up a little bit. I’m kind of skinny right now for my height I am training about three times a week. But will train more on sarms Would yk11 and s23 be good options for me? Do i need a pct?
  7. P

    Bulking with sarms

    I'm ready to try a bulking stack with sarms I'm 5 foot 10 and I weigh 180 lb. I would like to gain 10 to 12 lb. body fat is around 12% so I have some room to grow right now I have sr9009 and yk11. Should i do 50mgs of each or is that too much for a beginner
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    Gained 10 pounds naturally, now want sarms

    I went from 200 lb to 210 lb over the course of three months just naturally training and using supplements Now i want to add another 10-15 pounds of rock hard muscle I’ve got GW cardarine and maybe YK11 or RAD140 in mind I’m 28 years old and 5’10’’ How much of each do i need and is 20 weeks okay?
  9. S

    Upping sarms dose halfway

    What do you guys think about increasing sarms dosing when you're halfway through the cycle? I’m only up 8 pounds so i wanted to push things more I’m 183 pounds and my goal is 200 pounds, i’m 12% body fat and 6 foot tall, 24 years old I’m doing lgd4033 10mgs a day and YK11 10mgs a day. Should i...
  10. G

    Do i really need to add GW?

    how come people always say that GW cardarine is a sarm that they use always in a stack? is it completely necessary to use it? I'm worried about the cancer effects I like to just use yk11, and sr9009 together. 10mgs of each I’m 22 years old and 144 pounds 6’1’’
  11. D

    YK11+GW run

    Here is my YK11 and gw cardarine run below, let me know if i should change anything Weeks 1-4 YK11 5mgs per day and gw 10mgs per day Weeks 4-8 YK11 10mgs per day and gw 20mgs per day Weeks 8-12 YK11 15mgs per day and GW 25mgs per day My goal is recomping. I’m also planning on...
  12. K

    Best way to use YK11

    What does YK11 do? Is it going to help me grow bigger? I’m 24 year old 6’1’’ 145 pounds Very lean and skinny Skinny guy with abs lol Yk11 10mg a day for 12 weeks, is that a good stack or should i add in something else?
  13. C

    Can sarms cause aggression

    I'm usually a very well-mannered person but the other day I snapped on my wife and we had a big blow up fight and I ended up leaving and staying in a hotel room and cheating on her I regret my actions a lot and I blame sarms for it I'm currently doing RAD140 and YK11. i bought both from proven...
  14. JimAbs43 Episode 452 Dylan Gemelli interview all about YK11 and RAD140. Episode 452 Dylan Gemelli interview all about YK11 and RAD140.
  15. R

    YK11 as a myostatin inhibitor

    I read that YK11 was a very promising myostatin inhibitor but then they stopped developing it. can anyone touch on the exact reason why they stopped it? was it because it did not work as intended. Now that it's used in bodybuilding what is its main function since it's not good at that and...
  16. A

    YK11 for females

    I hadn’t seen my friend in a while and we ran into each other at the gym. She looked good and we got to talking about what she was using and she mentioned yk11. She said to look into it so I’m here asking what do you think about using it for females I’m 5’6’’ 145 pounds in pretty good shape...
  17. H

    need to know about yk11

    where is needto when you need him? I haven’t posted on here in a long time, my old account got locked so I found this one that I opened up more recently. I miss that guy needto who would always chime in on posts. A true god fearing man I’m looking for help with YK11. How much of this garbage...
  18. D

    Stacking 3 sarms, first time with 2 of them

    This will be my first time using two of these. I'm going to be running rad 140, yk11, and sr9009. This isn't a stack I've seen anyone else run before so I'm not sure what can I expect from it. Looking to recomp and gain some serious muscle mass. what can I expect from it and what kind of...
  19. G

    Trying to decide best summer sarms cycle

    I have not use sarms in a long time and I don't even think when I use them I was using the real stuff anyway. I use enhanced athlete sarms and I was getting weird side effects. I want to use them again but use real ones this time. I'm thinking of trying yk11 by itself to see what it can do...
  20. S

    New to sarms interested in yk11

    I've heard a lot of good things about yk11 and how it can make your body grow more muscle by allowing The receptors to open up a lot. I'm not really sure if that's the science but that's what people tell me at the gym. I'm interested in trying it out but they also say it can shut you down. I...