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rad 140

  1. P

    New sarm stack ( Rad 140/YK-11/LGD-4033 )

    Hey guys, just joined this forum today. I’m 5’8” around 165 lbs, 8-10% bf, 26 years old, been lifting 10 years. Earlier this month I started a new sarm cycle. ( Not my first ) It’s an oral capsule ( pre blend, so I can’t change the doses ) 1 pill is: LGD4033 - 20mg Rad 140 - 40mg YK-11 - 10mg...
  2. tui

    Approved Log My SARMS Rad-140 YK11 Ostarine mk2866 cycle Log

    Hi all, My New sarms log as requested. Thanks for input so far! 43 yo 188cm 95kg Ive done 2x dbol cycles when I was 30&32 and run a small dosage RAD-140 for 8 weeks 2 years ago (10mg ed) with reasonable results. Im an ex-rugby player and fit all my life, bar a couple of sedentary periods...
  3. tui

    Rad140, YK11, M2866 Sarms stack

    Hi all, I'm early forties, have messed around with dbol and Rad140 when I was younger, admittingly without the proper knowledge and PCT. I'm lucky not to have any long term sides as a consequence of my ignorance to what I was doing to my body (I think!). Anyway, Ive done my bloodwork in...
  4. B

    30 year old sarms stack

    I'm 30 years old and I'm excited to try my first cycle of sarm's but I wanted to get some guidance and make sure I was doing it right I have rad 140 and I have lgd-4033 on hand I think both of those are good sarms but i want to make sure that I am running the correct dose if I were to do 20...
  5. A

    Combining lgd and RAD

    if you were to stack rad 140 and lgd 4033 how would you do it in terms of how much to take every day. My friend said that I should take 5 mg a day of each but looking online it seems like that's too low of a dose. Also what kind of side effects should I look for I'm 35 years old 6 ft 2...
  6. A

    Want to get some more size sarms

    I'm currently 6 ft 2 in in 160 lba year ago I was about 150 lb so I put in some lean muscle and put in a lot of time in the gym over the past year now I feel like I need something else to help boost me with rad 140 and lgd 4033 be a good option for bulking? should I run 20 mg of each...
  7. J

    Mega female stack

    I'm 45 years old and a bodybuilder and I do weight training 5 times a week and do cardio daily my competition prep is very serious and I don't put anything in my body that's not good for me I'm taking TRT already My next run is going to be Winstrol 10 mg a day anavar 20 mg a day GW cardarine...
  8. J

    Female rad 140

    I'm 32 just got divorced and ready to get back into shape I'm 5 foot 8 160 lb I have a little mom-bod to my physique that I want to shape what's the recommended dosage on RAD 140 for females And what source do you recommend I buy it from
  9. D

    Stacking 3 sarms, first time with 2 of them

    This will be my first time using two of these. I'm going to be running rad 140, yk11, and sr9009. This isn't a stack I've seen anyone else run before so I'm not sure what can I expect from it. Looking to recomp and gain some serious muscle mass. what can I expect from it and what kind of...
  10. Y

    Looking for a layout for rad140

    26 years old 5 foot 10 185 lb training for 5 years Check out my first sarms cycle. Goals are increased stamina in the gym and more strength without side effects rad 140 testolone 30mgs a day dosed split AM/PM I think I have the cycle correct above, any other suggestions for me. Do I need a...
  11. J

    My Sarm Stack

    So the supp store guy convinced me to run a SARMS cycle, and gave me a stack of lgd, YK-11, and Rad 140. I began running them immediately, and began to research everything I could about them. The first week was really remarkable, I could feel them almost instantly. I have always been a natty...
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