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mk 2866

  1. tui

    Approved Log My SARMS Rad-140 YK11 Ostarine mk2866 cycle Log

    Hi all, My New sarms log as requested. Thanks for input so far! 43 yo 188cm 95kg Ive done 2x dbol cycles when I was 30&32 and run a small dosage RAD-140 for 8 weeks 2 years ago (10mg ed) with reasonable results. Im an ex-rugby player and fit all my life, bar a couple of sedentary periods...
  2. O

    LGD or ostarine?

    What do you think between using lgd 4033 and MK 2866 for my sarms cycle? Which one would you pick and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each my goals are to recomp and motivate myself to workout just need something to get me over the edge because I train 4 times a week and I get...
  3. G

    Switching out different types of Sarms

    have you ever decided mid-cycle to just switch which sarms you're running into something else when it wasn't working out well for you. I'm currently running mk-2866 and lgd 4033 and I'm not very happy with the results. Want to run something stronger. Would s4 andarine and s23 be better options?
  4. V

    Sarms year round females

    Hello I ran ostarine MK 2866 and I ran LGD 4033 and I had very good results . I'm also interested in trying S 4 andarine in the future however my question is I ran for 10 weeks and got very good results is there a sarms I can can use year round where I can keep my results or do you need to come...
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