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cycle log

  1. tui

    Approved Log My SARMS Rad-140 YK11 Ostarine mk2866 cycle Log

    Hi all, My New sarms log as requested. Thanks for input so far! 43 yo 188cm 95kg Ive done 2x dbol cycles when I was 30&32 and run a small dosage RAD-140 for 8 weeks 2 years ago (10mg ed) with reasonable results. Im an ex-rugby player and fit all my life, bar a couple of sedentary periods...
  2. NoleftnutLOL

    Approved Log NoLeftNut's First Cycle Log

    32/yo Male with history of testicular cancer and metastatic disease. Upon receiving chemo for a year (BEP X8) I turned into a twig. At my best, I weighed 199-202 with about 10-12% BF (Military 8 years). I am looking to get back at least some of that. Docs estimated that I lost somewhere around...
  3. Mach250

    Methyltrienolone (Oral Tren) Only Cycle Log

    In my attempts to find a short oral cycle to gain some lean mass while dropping some bf I came accross Methyltrienolone (Oral Tren). I have had some experience with Tren in the past and loved its ability to put on quality mass and drop bf effectively on a reduced calorie diet. From my research...
  4. D

    First Cycle log - Test E/Turinabol

    Hi, I am doing Test E/Tbol for my first cycle. Before cycle I started at 80kg/176cm. My cycle looks like this : Test E 500mg for 10 weeks. Tbol 50mg ED for 5 weeks. I have adex on hand and will use 0.5EOD if I see any sign of sides. PCT will be Nolva only since my mentor told me Clomid/HCG...
  5. kcco

    first cycle update, thanks to everyone for the advice.

    Hey fellas so i started my first cycle of, 6'0 bf 8% 184lbs 24 years old diet is very clean after seeing a dietician a year ago, 4000 calories ED minimum, 300 grams of protein, high carbs low sodium and sugar. training sense 17, seriously for past 4 years as well as working to become a personal...
  6. K

    A Cycle of HELLADROL?!!?!?

    Hello bros...So here's the deal, I've just started taking HELLADROL and am on day 2. I decided to just run H-drol because I want to see just how effective it actually is. I have yet to see a H-drol only log so for people that have questions about it, I figure this will be a good place to come. I...
  7. W

    test cyp and anadrol cycle log.

    hi. im starting an anadrol and test cyp cycle log. im keeping a log to help keep my motivation diet and training as strict as possible and for a reference point for other considering a similar cycle as i struggled to find a decent cycle log on similar cycle. i will throw up some before pics...
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