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Food log

So far so good.
New calorie count and macros are going well.
2000 cal
100g carbs
67g fat
250g protein

Today Fridays are tough cause meal prep usually runs out on this day and grocery run is tomorrow.
Did blood work this morning so fasted till 11 am.
That sucks cause I am crazy hungry in the mornings. Hahaha!
Today is odd ball stuff.
3 Boiled eggs with most of yoke trashed.
Tuna package
One cup of brown rice.
Two protein shakes
Small portion of meat loaf a guy brought to work.
His meat loaf is a treat. I know it sounds crazy.

I will do a weight in next weekend and see what’s going on.
That would be a month since started cutting back and second week at this macro count. Will adjust from there.
Should be back at the gym tonight since shoulder is feeling better. Then just need to start back at cardio.
Good thing is I do a lot of supersets so that has some cardio built in a little.

you need to add more cardio
you doing fasted cardio?
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