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Bodybuilder macros opinions

If you notice everyone is close to the same. We are all bouncing around 10% here or there.
Most of that is preference. You will probably find each of the folks that posted have all learned what works for them. Lots of respect for that!
That were you need to get. Pick a set of macros and run them for awhile. Log your meals. Learn what works for you.
Make good choices. Also learn about timing. Timing will play a huge role in energy when needed.
Pre work out meal and post work out meals are important.
Learn learn and then learn what is best for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Like said fats are not the enemy. Neither are carbs. However eating good carbs, fats and protein is the key!

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I don't count macros and haven't for years. Just eat the right foods. If you focus on eating the right things, the macros will fall into place. Stick to things like beef, chicken, whole eggs, fruits and veggies, wild caught fish, nuts.
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