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Blast from the past- Suggestions?

I remeber you from back in the day Bro you back!

I would stack testosterone enanthate 300mgs or so with 25mgs rad140 and n2guard for organs and aromasin for estrogen. GW optional.

please please please post a LOG journal now of what you do
the crew is getting back together
i like higher test base around 400-500mgs with the rad
Welcome back rage 💪 you and I are in the same boat being mid 30s. I can say with certainty trt saved my life and has helped me on many ways I like you am back at it after a few years off.

The vets around here have been amazing following my log with wisdom and encouragement, I would love to see you log the journey and have no doubt in my mind all of us can help along the way.

I would say my favorite sarms stack I have ever ran was Rad140/lgd/s4/gw/sr9009

In your case I think the suggestion above of trt with rad140 and my suggestion toss in some GW for muscular and cardiovascular endurance and you would be all set to rock and roll .
Wow, well thanks for all the love my dudes!! That’s was one heck of a response that I wasn’t expecting. It’d be rude of me not to do a log now!

My take, and thoughts prior anyhow, was to run test as a base @ 500ew w/ Ai & hcgen/ hcg to at least attempt to keep the boys running a bit. I’ve always done well with that and I liked the shorter esters. Quicker to hit and less retention issues. Not opposed to stacking it with RAD140, especially seeing the raving reviews…. but I need to spend some time accumulating things and researching it a bit more. I’ve been out of the game for sometime, but the one thing I swore to myself was that I would always run test as a baseline no matter what because I’ve run oral only before and that led to anxiety/depression issues when the oral shut me down. Not fun and not going that route again.

From what I know from my basic research is that RAD140 isn't that- it was literally developed as a “safe” replacement to Trt. That’s all great well & fine but I also hear of its ability to suppress you more than just a “mild” amount which to me, seems if it’s going to suppress me then why not just be on the real deal anyhow? All this thought^ is pushing my mindset into the direction of go ahead and get yourself real test as a base vs trying this stuff solo.

Firstly, bloods and a bit more research for me so I can lay out a proper plan and have everything on hand. Stay tuned, I’ll post a log in the coming weeks and probably ask a couple questions here and there for input.
I did great on just sarms without a test base if I was to run sarms again I definitely would do it with a test base. I feel having that base would be a beautiful addition and add synergy combining sarms with test. I wasn't on trt before when I did my stacks after being on trt I feel my results would have been even better.
Been a long long time since I’ve been around.. probably 10 years now. Happy with where I am in life but still have goals and it’s always in the back of my mind to dabble again. It looks like the world is a changing however. It seems Sarms are all the rage? Wild!

Anyhow, for a guy in his mid 30’s now, who’s no where near what he was but still in good shape- if he wanted to, what would you suggest? Aside from getting dialed in again and hitting the gym hard for at least next 6-12mths.. Ive done cycles in the past, not afraid to pin by any means and know how to properly pct- but open to new things and just wondering. Been reading a lot about RAD 140 and the like… or is there simply no comparison to just doing the real deal? Happy either way.
sure you can run RAD solo or stacked

make sure to get from umbrella or s4s
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