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Approved Log Recovery War - Diet Training Life Log

for sure man stay on point and don't let past bitterness get in the way of your happiness
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i would not do subq even tiny dosages of oils into the stomach
try other spots
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why are you doing such tiny amounts of gear at a time? You don't think it's easier to just pin once a week the whole thing
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Very light cardio focused day, slow process recovering from blood loss. I think is best I just go lightly for now with all my training. I could also be getting surgery soon, is at least most likely early this year, so is best I am not in a depleted state all the time like I have been.

Started Testosterone Cypionate today, Platinum Labs brand from UGL OZ. Did a 20mg subcutaneous injection in the abdomen, very little sting, much less than the peptides I’ve tried. The lump it left was also smaller than the ones peptides gave me, the peptide ones also would itch the whole day. So this is far smoother. I’ll be doing 20mg a day, so 140mg per week, I can always titrate up to around 150mg or a bit higher even. I’ll do a proper in depth review of the Test C after being on it for at least one vial but I don’t feel it would be really fair before then especially as I’m new to TRT.

When I’ve lost more body fat I’ll consider less frequent injections. After I’ve been on the Test C for about a month, I’ll get some blood work done and if things aren’t how I need them to be with red blood cell count etc, I am going to do some Equipoise to manage that, not fix it, that’s surgery, but manage it, am done with living like this, 2+ years of slowly bleeding then getting iron infusions is long enough, unilateral action time.

I look forward to seeing how anabolic steroids can help me with my health issues. Based off my current experience with peptides, I expect good things are going to come of it.

Diet is a bit off at the moment. Is part financial and part me being really close to having a full on auto immune flare, am getting the gastritis etc that precedes a bad one. So eating low volume foods a lot, but with whey isolate I’m getting the protein in.

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Also got a walk in down the coast, was really nice today
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Awesome update!
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