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Approved Log BigD Supreme Bulking cycle - Testosterone, Deca, Anadrol, Dbol, Trenbolone, Equipoise, Masteron Log

Hey brothers. I am listening and I hear you. That’s why I’ve bought from Naps and PSL. (Others were OsGear, Steroidify, and others).
My order for Euortropin from PSL was paid for but not available. So I had them use my money for orals. I’m waiting for 200 tabs Euro Pharm d-bol 25mg, 200 tabs winny 25mg, and 100 tabs 25mg proviron. I’m trusting everyone here that euro pharm is legit.
Also, I’m trusting the recommendation to use para pharma. I’m about to place an order for 200units hgh from UGFREAK.
@bigdextreme74 if you're not going to use Naps or PSL go with UGFreak. Doing crypto is easy just get cash app, its WAY safer than western union anyhow bro
I’m still waiting for Naps to make a decision if they are going to do anything about the orals. In the meantime, I placed an order with them for 6 vials test e.
The sarms should be here in a few days.
PSL contacted me and said they were out of the HGH. So I ordered euro pharm d-dol, winny, and proviron.
I think I’m going shorten my cycle from 20 weeks to 13-14 weeks.,I’ll start my pct in May.
In the meantime, do you all have a lab I can contact and get samples tested? The one I found in Denver Colorado is $900 a sample. That’s too much. One of my suppliers will sell me 120iu (10vials) for only $90. If I can get this verified, I can provide you with contact info (if you want).
But, I need to mob ale certain it’s 100%
I wouldnt trust 120ius for $90 makes no sense to mee
Use approved sources for best results.........
I just ordered 6 vials of GP Test E from NAPS.
I'm currently debating between buying Para Pharma HGH from UGFREAK. If I do domestic, its $576 for 200 units, or I can use bitcoin and go international and get 300 units for about the same price... Any thoughts on what to do?
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