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Anavar on lipids and other side effects - support


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Hi - I know anavar is harsh on ones lipid profiles and moderate on liver. I know there are specific products out there designed to combat this side effect.

That being said, will it suffice to take an ordinary cholesterol lowering product? Eg: CholesterolEase etc. as well as red rice yeast and EFA to combat the effects on lipids.

Anavar is also somewhat toxic to the liver and kidneys for this a liver and kidney support and lots of water will do to combat this side effect.

I want the above to be confirmed if I am making sense, please advise if I have it wrong.

Thank you
Lots of water, milk thistle and/or Liv 52 should protect your liver (along with reasonable Anavar doses). Red yeast rice, fish oil and flaxseed are all good for your lipids, but nothing's better than being in good shape before starting your cycle. Hope this helps!
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