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  1. JimAbs43

    Podcast UG Supplements 11 - Why N2Guard works for organ and liver support? UG Supplements 11 - Why N2Guard works for organ and liver support?
  2. J

    using milk thistle for liver

    I know a lot of the old school guys use milk thistle to help with liver was wondering if this was still what was recommended today or do you guys have something that’s more modern that will work better was an alcoholic for about eight years recently quit alcohol but my liver is still not 100%...
  3. N

    how can I utilize winstrol on this cycle?

    Got a hold of a bunch of winstrol off a buddy of mine who didn’t want to mess with his liver due to his drinking. So I’ve got three packets of this stuff and I’m currently doing a cycle of test prop and tren ace. My test dose is 50mgs per day and my tren dose is 50mgs EOD. It’s a good cycle so...
  4. W

    AST, ALT and other numbers for liver off

    my liver numbers Have been off ever since I did an oral cycle a month ago. Not going to panic yet because it seems like it can take time to normalize but what I am interested in is a supplement that is good for the liver and actually works. I don’t want to waste my money on something that’s BS
  5. M

    liver support blah blah blah

    I keep reading that you need liver support on cycle. My last cycle I did a couple orals and testosterone and my AST and ALT went up to over 85 then it came back down post cycle to the 50’s and sat there a while I want to see if using a liver supplement on my next cycle will really make a...
  6. R

    I’ve got an issue with liver

    I went and got my blood work done and most everything was good except my liver numbers were off my AST numbers were above normal in my ALT numbers were almost above normal I need a supplement that is going to be good for my liver that can help get those numbers down
  7. R

    Natural Liver supplementation

    I’ve heard good things about tudca and milk thistle Are these two the best liver supplements that you can get? If not, what do you recommend I use. And is there something that is $100 or less that I can afford?
  8. D

    Liver values over 100?

    I'm coming to my end of my steroid cycle and I have very high liver values that are three times where they should be now obviously I know that they're going to be high but is there any supplements that I could start taking to give me some relief so that the number can go back to the normal when...
  9. C

    Dose for the liver

    Anyone heard of a product called Dose? It is good for the liver And detoxification it's supposed to also help with acid reflux and you take it in the morning first thing and it's like a drink. it's supposed to also help with metabolic excess liver fat. I have to deal with that pain in my liver...
  10. JimAbs43

    Podcast UG Supplements 1 - N2Guard Liver and organ Support UG Supplements 1 - N2Guard Liver and organ Support
  11. A

    Best steroids for liver?

    what are the best steroids out there to use that won't bother deliver too much I was an alcoholic for about 12 years and I've been clean for the past year it's the best thing I ever did quitting alcohol I feel so much better however I know my liver did a lot of damage I'm now in my 40s and...
  12. T

    Cheap liver product

    I've been taking a cheap lover supplement called Puritan's Pride milk thistle extract. it was recommended by my local pharmacy and it only cost $12 however I've been using it for 2 weeks and I got my blood work done in my liver values have not budge at all they are still high. should I take...
  13. P

    Best organ product

    which is the best organ support supplement that you recommend for guys who are just Gym Rats not professional bodybuilders I've never used steroids before and don't plan on it. I'm 23 years old and I have been training for the past 2 months. Kidney and liver issues run in my family so I want to...
  14. M

    Why do steroids mess up liver so bad?

    I had a question on why steroids mess up are liver so bad I ran a normal cycle for 10 weeks and I took a couple months off and my liver values are still elevated although they have come down a little bit from the peak I was really surprised at how much damage I did
  15. A

    Cheapest supplements for the liver

    I'm looking to get my liver operating at a healthy level again after my last cycle through things off big time. The issue is I don't have the money to keep spending on supplements. Can you cut to the Chase and give me something that will work really good.
  16. A

    Liver support milk thistle

    I am coming off a liver scare and have quit alcohol for good, I'm looking for a liver support supplement that can help boost things for me. Everyone is saying milk thistle is the best thing to use because it's really cheap and it does the trick. But I don't really mind the money just give me the...
  17. F

    last steroid cycle for a while

    Hey guys I decided this steroid stuff isn’t for me. I have done about 5 cycles over the past few years and I feel like my results have not been worth the side effects of losing my hair and heart and liver problems. I want to do my last cycle and be done with it. What would you do if you were...
  18. T

    bunk cardarine

    I have tried cardarine gw501516 and both twice it seems like I got bunk product. Didn’t lose weight at all, my liver numbers sky rocketed and my endurance actually went down. I was doing a mile in 7 minutes and on it my time dropped to 8:30. it was enhanced athlete cardarine, what did I...
  19. A

    Anavar on lipids and other side effects - support

    Hi - I know anavar is harsh on ones lipid profiles and moderate on liver. I know there are specific products out there designed to combat this side effect. That being said, will it suffice to take an ordinary cholesterol lowering product? Eg: CholesterolEase etc. as well as red rice yeast and...
  20. Discreet User

    Liver warning signs? Liver (hepatic) function panel...

    QUESTION: Is liver damage/current infliction of liver damage immediately evident by running a liver (hepatic) function panel? To restate the question, if you are currently hurting your liver does that damage show up immediately in a liver function blood test? Take for example an 80 year old...
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