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    how to get cholesterol under control

    This is ridiculous I’ve been using steroids now for a year and before that I never had cholesterol issues at all I recently went to my cardiologist and I got tested and I have a lot of things off especially with my cholesterol. I told him I used steroids and he said that I should consider in the...
  2. R

    help with cholesterol issues

    so my cholesterol levels are off in my doctor said if they don’t get better then I have to go on medication can you suggest to me a good supplement that I can start taking to help with my cholesterol levels I’m really looking forward to getting these numbers back in line
  3. Y

    Best thing to use with tren?

    So a few things trenbolone that i was concerned about First prolactin issues Second is its extremely suppresive And third i heard it causes major problems with cholesterol and blood pressure what are the most mandatory supplements you would say that you need to be using with it and when should I...
  4. B

    Heart issues and supplements

    I'm looking for a supplement that I can take along with my medication from my doctor that can help improve my heart health naturally and won't interfere with the medication that he's giving me I currently have cholesterol levels over 200 in high blood pressure
  5. L

    Supplements for cholesterol

    my cholesterol levels are not good. My good cholesterol is low and my bad cholesterol is high. Total testosterone is around 225 it's been like this ever since I ran my last cycle I'm looking for a supplement that can help get this number back in line. Does such a thing exist
  6. M

    Eggs and cholesterol

    what do you think about the information out there that says that eggs cause cholesterol. There is a lot of conflicting information and I'm not sure who to believe what is your opinion on this and can you give me some science and facts to prove or disprove either case
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    Bad cholesterol levels

    Coming off a steroid cycle my cholesterol levels were crazy high. I'm doing daily cardio and I am making sure I avoid steroids for the time being. My bad cholesterol is really high and my good cholesterol is down. What are more effective ways to improve cholesterol levels, can you suggest a...
  8. A

    Best supplement for cholesterol

    my cholesterol levels are trending higher ever since I started using steroids. I have a number in the low 200s. Ever since I've been testing my levels it's never been that high so I know it's from the steroids. Is there a supplement that I can start using now that can help drop my levels before...
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    Cholesterol supplements bad for organs?

    hello I just came from the doctor with my blood work results and my cholesterol levels are at 215 total which are above normal they should be below 200 according to him. He suggested I get on cholesterol medication but I want to see if there is a supplement that can help drop it. he said no...
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    Health and cholesterol; Niacin, BAIBA and more

    While the "live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse" population is certainly represented here at Elitefitness, I think those wanting to prolong the joys of life are the majority. These are the people more likely to be interested in what I share here. We are bombarded with information...
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    Anavar on lipids and other side effects - support

    Hi - I know anavar is harsh on ones lipid profiles and moderate on liver. I know there are specific products out there designed to combat this side effect. That being said, will it suffice to take an ordinary cholesterol lowering product? Eg: CholesterolEase etc. as well as red rice yeast and...
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