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you should have a cheat day at least once a week and tell us what it is
log start is g2g from you playa
please cut the slin its bad news
and add some var
and training details
UP for a good log i see the cycle going places BUT no insulin for you imo
please share more training weights etc
pls share pictures of some meals you eat and your machines you train on
and i gotta vote you drop insulin
I'm a professional bodybuilder and even I don't go above 5 ius insulin these days. Don't use it, stay with hgh and test/tren stack, but do increase anavar and add organ support. And we do need weights of you training you can write them and share every day or 2 so we can follow you.
@Placeboeffect94 are you saying your diet is like this EVERY day?

training not bad but lets see you start logging your weights what weights you doing and how you're progressing now

cycle, original thread i was against primo and tren and I see you cut is so overall good cycle

and on the weights If you don't log what you eat or train now, open NOTES on phone and start recording it there and paste here. Very easy.
First of all thanks for the input . On cycle i am consistent with my diet everyday. I plan to do cheat meal maybe once a month. Off cycle i keep the diet cosistent for 5-6 days a week , and i have cheat days 1 or 2 days every week. What i eat does not change at all , only the amounts change according to specific goals ( cut , maintanance or bulk ) . I start pinning tomorrow so i will keep you posted on the weights . What you guys think should be the upper limit of calories i should be getting on a clean bulk ?
bro where in europe yo from? gots lots of guys on here from australia next door
i live in Turkey. even though fitness and bodybuilding is getting popular worldwide , USA is the center of bodybuilding for sure . Elite level bodybuilders from Europe work with American coaches. The accumulated knowledge you have over there cannot be compared to the rest of the world. I am big in most gyms that i go in Europe , but i am average Joe in reality and in an American gym. So i try to learn from Americans , you guys are doing this right .
if tren gives you bad sides i wouldn't use it
tren gives me bad sides . first 3 weeks on tren i feel amazing . and then it hits me little too hard. i believe all the other steroids are inferior to trenbolone and if i want the best body i need to be on point with diet , training and use the best anabolic ; which is tren . So i do not intend to quit taking it . I hope 200 mgs for me is a sufficient dose without causing any more issues on the mental side.
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