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  • Hey RADAR. I saw your post on this dbol only cycle thread. I was just wondering what dbol only cycles you used as mentioned in your posts and what a good PCT plan would be. Thanks man, much appreciated.
    OMG, don't ever think that! You're one of the few sweeties I have left! :qt:

    I'm distracted, I'm alternating between posting on the board and figuring out household financial stuff, trying to decide how our tax refund will best be utilized.
    good to be back--was 1 or 2 races away from a bike sponsorship last summer until I got heat stroke (105.5 temp, hallucinating), and luckily fell of the bike to the right and not into traffic. The long term sides really went away this summer.
    no, but the NTBM store is up and running under new management, sorry to take so long replying ,been on vacation.
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