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  1. R

    During workout what to drink

    There are some choices as to what I can drink during my workouts I have some supplements to choose from that i found Ryse bcaas focus kool aid X2 performance intra workout Kaged intraw workout energy Or ka chava daily superfood meal replacement I am trying to bulk up and get bigger and trying to...
  2. S

    Help with my workout routine

    My split workouts just aren’t working anymore. I'm currently doing a 4-day split but I think I should change it to 5 days what do you think? I was reading some of the things that professionals are doing and came across a good one online Monday: chest Tuesday: arms Wednesday: cardio and legs...
  3. JimAbs43

    Podcast 528 - Nutrition timing, protein, carbs, fat, post workout preworkout 528 - Nutrition timing, protein, carbs, fat, post workout preworkout
  4. P

    Post workout what to take?

    okay so I'm posting this right after my workout and I have a bunch of supplements on my counter and I'm going to basically poll you guys and see what is the best supplement to use my choices are down to whey protein, creatine, multi vitamin, weight gainer, liver supplements, and mucuna. I'm...
  5. W

    Working on my new split

    I want to do a new workout routine What i had in mind was pretty simple I wanted to try mixing in some chest work on my back days This would sort of balance things out for me Has anyone used this type of strategy and has it helped stretch out their back a little bit special maybe my last three...
  6. L

    Best shoulder day options

    I'm looking to do a good shoulder workout I figured I could sneak it in on a Wednesday in between my splits that were on Tuesday and Thursday I've got several exercises on my list front raises bent over reverse fly upright row seated dumbbell press barbell standing press Arnold press Any more...
  7. W

    Post-workout recovery supplementation

    post workout I would like to take something that's going to help me recover and repair while I'm at work I work in the construction industry but half the time I am in the office and half the time I am out there hammering away along with my employees. With supplements can I take if I work out...
  8. R

    Hugh jackman workout routine

    I have stalled on my current workout routine Looking to try the jackman workout the first 3 weeks you're starting out at 60% and then working our way up to 70% on the first set. the last set you go up to 90% Then on week 4 you Cut your percentages down by 30% Can someone explain to me the...
  9. C

    Beginner workout program

    I'm looking into doing circuit training we have a nice gym area for that and a lot of people do it and we all push each other pretty good I'm currently on a program where I start out with squats then I do push ups, lunges, planks, and then finish out with jumping jacks for about 3 minutes do...
  10. X

    Fatigued after work

    so my current job requires me to be in the office at around 7:30 in the morning so I'm up really early. I've always worked out in the morning so this has changed my schedule where I have to work out now in the evening after work. The thing is I get tired though because I have an exhausting job...
  11. P

    Arm growth

    I am looking to build up my arms Can someone help me setup a workout using the below exercises Should i do 5 sets of each? Hammer curls Dumbbell tricep extensions Wrist flexion Bicep curls
  12. E

    during workout juice

    which juices can I drink during my workout if I want to get more muscle and recovery for after a friend of mine wanted me to try his stuff he got. Its like a lemon flavor and tasted awful. It was from amway. I spit it out
  13. Q

    is this split okay?

    I’m looking to do a new workout split was doing the push/pull leg split. I want to change it up I want to add in a cardio split and an ab split would do change it to 5 day split that way or incorporate those into the existing splits?
  14. D

    creatine vs. Whey?

    I had a question on what was better between using creatine or whey protein pre workout? And during workout let’s say I go about an hour and then after I want to take something else what would I take post to help feed me?
  15. G

    pre, during and post workouts

    not looking to take a bunch of supplements, want to stick to 1 for now which one would work for pre, during and post workout that I can focus on to see if it helps to keep things simple for me ?
  16. R

    best workout supplements

    I was looking for something to take while I am training or maybe beforehand so I can get some better results what is the best workout products that I can take?
  17. Q

    Pre workout pills

    I am not looking for pre workout powders that you mix or anything like that. I'm looking for one that you can take that are in pill form that I can just swallow with water. I'm not looking to mess around with anything messy or that is flavored. Can you suggest the good one to me
  18. P

    Working out harder

    I'm going to be increasing my workouts going forward I think it would be smart to give myself something to help with the joints and also soft tissue so I don't get myself injured. What are the best supplements that you recommend for this
  19. F

    Intra workout supplement

    RAW intra-workout Is a carb paste supplement which contains dextrin, Magna, potassium, salt, and coconut powder it's supposed to be really good during your workout They have several different flavors including tropical punch And lemon lime anyone try any of this
  20. D

    Joints need to be improved

    My joints are aching post workout Its becoming a problem for me It is only on days where i go heavy Any advice on what options i have when it comes to supplements that WORK