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    best supplements to take during workout?

    What are the best supplements that I can take during my workout for best results? I’m looking to get more energy during my workout and help feed my muscles while I train a friend of mine suggested protein powder but after I tried that strategy it made me sick and nauseous maybe I need something...
  2. N

    my muscles need more size

    so I’ve been training for the past five years and I’m having a hard time putting on muscle mass. I’m following pretty much a full body routine in more high intensity type of training with high repetitions. I’m wondering if maybe my body’s not reacting to this strategy and it’s time for me to try...
  3. B

    how to cure post workout pain ?

    After my workouts I feel fantastic and I get in my car and go home then when the adrenaline wears off I start experiencing a lot of pain in my joints and also in my soft tissues where they feel very tender. I know this isn’t normal and I’m wondering if I am just training too hard but is there...
  4. B

    Let me know what you think! My 8 weeks workout plan!

    Hello all! I’m new here and I am interested to know what you think about my 8 weeks workout plan! first I’d like to say that I have been playing hockey for 25 years now and I am used to working out. Unfortunately I ripped my groin two years ago and got diagnosed with a herniated cervical last...
  5. B

    after workout what do you take?

    I’m wondering what do you take after your workout in terms of supplements I’m looking to get things to another level and help my progress my training is around 20 up to 25 sets per session and I’m usually pretty worn out from heavy volume going at least 10 repetitions per set
  6. Z

    intra workout shake options

    I started to like to take an intra workout Shake halfway through my workout to get in some extra carbs my goal is to bulk up and get stronger I’m doing about 22 sets and what I’ll do is after a 10 or 11 sets I’ll take a 15 minute break and drink a shake do you recommend I add anything to it?
  7. M

    lots of post workout pain, sarms help?

    A friend of mine said that he used sarms and it helped him with a lot of his nagging injuries and also with post-workout pain I’m going to assume it probably had a lot to do with recovery would you recommend I use RAD and GW to help recovery? If not what would be your pics? I’m 58 years old and...
  8. W

    need some tips after quitting caffeine

    So I’ve been used to drinking caffeine before my workouts for years recently quit using it entirely cold turkey I feel tired when I train, but MUCH happier and better mood overall should I start drinking something else in the mean time or will this tired feeling pass?
  9. Z

    post workout dinner ideas

    So I currently get out of work at about 4 p.m. then I will go home and change and go to the gym. I usually get there a little bit after five and then I get home by about 6:15 or 6:30 in the evening I’m curious what you would recommend I eat when I got home from the gym I’m usually in bed by 10 p.m.
  10. X

    best BCAA for recovery

    what are the best bcaa options for me if I want to recover properly after a workout? I’m not doing well post workout, seems like I am struggling to find my size as well I wonder if bcaa’s would help me improve on both fronts any suggestions as there are many out there for sale. Need something...
  11. V

    How to boost appetite with sarms

    Hello everybody what is going to be the secret cocktail of sarms to help me boost appetite? I'm currently in my early twenties and when I eat food I immediately start getting nauseous. it seems to happen especially if I eat around a workout it's hard for me to get in a lot of carbs and protein...
  12. S

    Different ways to change up my workout routines

    I'm curious to hear your personal experiences with changing up your workout routines when they become stale I was reading up about doing Drop sets, changing up the days you go to the gym, Super sets, rep cycling, and doing a lot of negatives my end goal is to improve and stay motivated. what...
  13. N

    Best pre workout cheap

    I’m looking for something to take pre workout that also includes beta-alanine that also is free of sugar and gluten I lift heavy when i train Need something to give me a little bit of a hit so that I can go in there and start throwing around weights and really pushing myself hard. I tend to...
  14. W

    Sets per body part and advice

    so for the last couple years I have been doing around 14 sets per body part when I go weight train. I really like to do volume training and it's helped me get more games. unfortunately things have stalled for me and I'm coming to you for some help do you think that I should increase the amount...
  15. H

    Top 5 best supplements for bodybuilders?

    What do you think about this list for the top five supplements for bodybuilders? you need a good protein supplement you also need a really good creatine supplement to help feed the muscles Bcaa products are also good intraworkout Pre workout you should get something to give you pumps and energy...
  16. R

    During workout what to drink

    There are some choices as to what I can drink during my workouts I have some supplements to choose from that i found Ryse bcaas focus kool aid X2 performance intra workout Kaged intraw workout energy Or ka chava daily superfood meal replacement I am trying to bulk up and get bigger and trying to...
  17. S

    Help with my workout routine

    My split workouts just aren’t working anymore. I'm currently doing a 4-day split but I think I should change it to 5 days what do you think? I was reading some of the things that professionals are doing and came across a good one online Monday: chest Tuesday: arms Wednesday: cardio and legs...
  18. JimAbs43

    Podcast 528 - Nutrition timing, protein, carbs, fat, post workout preworkout 528 - Nutrition timing, protein, carbs, fat, post workout preworkout
  19. P

    Post workout what to take?

    okay so I'm posting this right after my workout and I have a bunch of supplements on my counter and I'm going to basically poll you guys and see what is the best supplement to use my choices are down to whey protein, creatine, multi vitamin, weight gainer, liver supplements, and mucuna. I'm...
  20. W

    Working on my new split

    I want to do a new workout routine What i had in mind was pretty simple I wanted to try mixing in some chest work on my back days This would sort of balance things out for me Has anyone used this type of strategy and has it helped stretch out their back a little bit special maybe my last three...
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