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Approved Log On the road of redemption cutting phase starting now

always checking on this log I like the home made meal prep
@Topps_Baseball88 great meal prep I want to eat those :)
I was starting to think my log lost all its traction happy it didnt . I am happy you liked the update. I will be posting more frequently starting monday.😎 I should be back in the gym Monday i am feeling almost 100% again and should be good to get back at it 💪 turns out I had a viral infection and ear infection at the same time when I went to the doctors last week nasty stuff.
always checking on this log I like the home made meal prep
It's all I do Quad cheaper and easy to do . I appreciate you always checking in on my log brother. Will be back in full force Monday, no doubt I'm sure I will be a bit weaker but 2 weeks time back at it and we should be G2G
bros meal prep is awesome
Appreciate that brother im sorry I haven't updated as much as I'm still recovering at home, as bad as I wanted to train it would have hurt not help me. Monday we get back to the grind 💪
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