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Approved Log On the road of redemption cutting phase starting now

I commute for work 45 miles from home, well I hit a nail somehow last night while on the road made it home had no idea I hit the nail till I found it in my tire. I planned on hitting the gym today went to leave and my tire was flat.

Instead of making and excuse took out the jack and tire iron and put the skinny spare tire on in the garage and went to the gym.
Did 45 minutes of weights today.

Can't let something unexpected get me down and out.

I kept it lite today as I make my way back into the gym this week.

Meals same as the ones I prepped earlier this week.

1700ish calories
210g protein
111g carbs
50.83g fat
22.88g sugar
27g fiber

Bicep Curl

Hammer Curl

Barbell curl

Reverse Barbell Curl

Side Lateral Raises

Front Delt Raises

3x10@Bodyweight 218lbs

Nothing exciting I know but I have to ease myself into this coming back as I still don't feel the hottest sometimes. I like to think something is better then nothing and I still found my way into the gym to get back at it.

Hopefully by next week my training will be back up to normal speed again.
@Topps_Baseball88 i hate flat tires middle of the day
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