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  1. D

    trying to force some chest growth?

    I have one of those bird chest and I would like to get my chest growing more unfortunately the gym near my house is the only one I can afford because I don’t have a car and it’s only $12 a month the bad news is they don’t have much free weights and they don’t have a flat bench only a Smith...
  2. S

    how to build big pecs/shoulders

    I’ve got a bird chest and I’m in my mid 20s would like to get my chest and shoulders wider what are the top lifts to accomplish that and how many sets should I be doing? Know about over training, don’t want to do that either
  3. JimAbs43

    Podcast 572 - Reading listener comments and Responding #1 572 - Reading listener comments and Responding #1
  4. L

    for those who do training splits help

    I have a question from those of you on here who are training with splits routines reading online you’ve got split routines from two days up to five days even in some situations the ones that are 2-day splits are usually upper body one day and lower body the next but a lot of splits usually are...
  5. H

    What do you think about my four-day split below

    I’m 25 years old and I’m trying to figure out the best strategy for me going forward to build up a nice body I came up with a four-day split routine and I’m wondering what you guys thought about it sunday: chest/triceps monday back/biceps tuesday off Wed legs thursday off friday abs, calves and arms
  6. L

    Complete newbie training schedule

    so I am not sure where to go from here. I signed up to a gym and they have been pushing me to work with a personal trainer for $60 an hour. I just cannot afford to do that at this time so I'm going to do things on my own is what I told them I'm hoping you can give me some pointers as to a...
  7. S

    Different ways to change up my workout routines

    I'm curious to hear your personal experiences with changing up your workout routines when they become stale I was reading up about doing Drop sets, changing up the days you go to the gym, Super sets, rep cycling, and doing a lot of negatives my end goal is to improve and stay motivated. what...
  8. J

    My friend recommended i ask about sarms

    I have a friend i train with and he said that sarms would be a good option for me I’m 22 years old 5’11’’ 210 pounds Have some body fat, not sure on how much but its that crazy high I’m looking to gain like 10 pounds possibly. Maybe more along with cutting 5 pounds of fat. What do you suggest...
  9. V

    Choosing the best EQ stack

    50 years old 5’8’’ Training 2-3x per week. (i’m a very busy guy running 2 businesses) When i train though, i train HARD for 70-100 minutes balls to the wall Feel like i am in great shape Gonna be using equipoise and something else Not sure what to stack with it What would you stack with EQ for...
  10. E

    Training with a bad cut

    Few days ago I was going into the shower and as I was opening it the entire glass came off the railing and fell on top of me. I then picked it up to move it to the other room so I could call my handyman to come and install it and the entire thing shattered on top of me and sliced my forearm...
  11. F

    Combining split routines worth it?

    So I originally did a 3-day split for many years then I moved it to a 5-day split after i took a break from the gym I feel like with a 5-day split I'm just not getting the same types of workouts when it comes to intensity and it seems like I'm more doing isolation do you think I will be better...
  12. JimAbs43

    Podcast 547 - KISS Principle for Training - how? 547 - KISS Principle for Training - how?
  13. D

    Beginner to weight training need some help

    I'm looking to do a linear progression program. I'm currently 82 kg and I want to stay around that number. I'm curious about what kind of repetition range and what method you guys would recommend for me I'm 22 years old one of the things that a trainer recommended was to focus on Lower rep...
  14. W

    Sets per body part and advice

    so for the last couple years I have been doing around 14 sets per body part when I go weight train. I really like to do volume training and it's helped me get more games. unfortunately things have stalled for me and I'm coming to you for some help do you think that I should increase the amount...
  15. F

    Training changes during pct?

    Was reading online how you should change your training during post Cycle Therapy and had a pretty interesting discussion with some people seems to be the common theme that you should ease off on weight training while you are in pct because your body is trying to recover and you don't want to...
  16. H

    Training and diet to be improved then steroids!

    I'm not going to use steroids until I get my training and nutrition on the right track 100% And I get my body fat down. currently I'm around 18% so I'd like to get it down to 13 or 14% currently 27 years old 5 ft 9 in and 80 kg I have been training in the gym for about 3 years was brainstorming...
  17. JimAbs43

    Podcast 542 - The mind of champions,can you use their habits to make YOU better 542 - The mind of champions,can you use their habits to make YOU better
  18. K

    Back pain while training?

    Hey hi I had a quick question. I was doing some behind the back pulleys at the gym and when I use the close grip t bar I noticed I start getting a lot of pain in my lower back when I switch it to more of a wide grip the pain isn't as pronounced. what do you think is causing the issue and is...
  19. D

    Building up my upper body

    I'm a short and stocky guy. played a lot of soccer when I was growing up and built up some very strong legs. my thighs and quads especially are huge so I have no issues building those up the problem for me has been my upper body. I have a tiny chest and Tiny shoulders as well. I also have skinny...
  20. C

    5 day split and fatigue

    currently doing a 5-day split but I'm dealing with a lot of fatigue soreness has been an issue and I'm finding an overlap with certain muscle groups when it comes to proper recovery. What would you change? My layout right now has been for 6 weeks Day 1. Legs Day 2. Push Day 3 rest Day 4 pull Day...
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