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  1. V

    sarms for cutting after a big bulk

    I did a bulking steroid cycle and I put on about 15 or 20 pounds but a lot of it was fat and water. would like to cut back down after bulking which sarms would you recommend for me if I had to choose between s23, yk11, or rad140. Maybe pick 2 I can run for 12 weeks. Currently six foot two and...
  2. V

    masteron not doing much for me?

    I’m 18% body fat. 6’1’’ 227 pounds and 24 years old Read about how great masteron was for cutting and hardening been on this stuff along with small test for 10 weeks and not seeing any changes. I’m doing 500mgs of it along with test 200. using enanthate on both. When should I start seeing my abs?
  3. N

    how to cut down using tren

    I’m excited to try trenbolone for the first time wondering if you can give me some instructions based on what I put together already my stats first: I’m 28 years old 5’8’’ 170 pounds, lean 12% body fat looking to use tren ace and do 200mgs a week. Is that good enough or should I do 300 or more...
  4. T

    cutting down with sarms GW

    I’m on GW currently and using 20mgs a day so far only have managed to cut down a few pounds Do you think that there are any sarm that I can add to this to get more results and is there any supplements that you think would also be a good addition I’m at 245 pounds and six foot one inches and I...
  5. J

    how to use sarms together

    I’m at a loss as to which sarms stack would work best with what sarm I’ve got 2 options rad + LGD for bulking OR GW + SR for cutting not quite sure what route I should go. I’m right at 200 pounds and 15% body fat. 6’1’’. I don’t look muscular and at the same time I feel like I got too much body...
  6. N

    How to stack winstrol with anavar as a female

    What is gonna be your advice when it comes to using both winstrol and anavar together? Was thinking about doing 5mgs of each. That would be 10mgs total together 12 weeks or is that too long? My goal is cutting down and getting stronger Currently 5’5’’ 132 pounds and benching 100 pounds.
  7. G

    How to help with water retention?

    I was wondering how to Help with water retention that I get it is mostly in my face that I'm most concerned about and also around my belly what type of foods do you recommend I avoid? I'm already cutting out very but it's still happening anyway and I'm having a hard time figuring out which foods...
  8. F

    Best way to use anavar for cutting?!

    I’m so excited to try real anavar from a source on here! Heard a lot of good things about that steroid and I would love to use it now my question is how can I best utilize it if I am trying to cut down? I'm currently around 18% body fat and would love to get down closer to 10% . I'm 27 years old...
  9. Topps_Baseball88

    Approved Log On the road of redemption cutting phase starting now

    For context before I start at the bottom of this are photos of what I looked like after 8 years of hard training other then over the counter supplements I used nothing else I built my base the correct way. Trt didn't come into the picture till I was in my 30s what you see with these photos is...
  10. JimAbs43 Underground 11 More strong summer cutting cycles using Geneza. Underground 11 More strong summer cutting cycles using Geneza.
  11. E

    New cycle advice, detailed history

    46 years old, 110 kg, about 18% bf. Ultimate goal is to walk around fairly shredded at about 90kg. Current goal is to slowly get back under 100 while getting stronger and healing a bit. I am both hypothyroidal and hypogonadal. Been on treatment for both for 20+ years. Most likely had low...
  12. JimAbs43 Underground 9 Geneza Pharma and Summer Cutting cycles. Underground 9 Geneza Pharma and Summer Cutting cycles.
  13. girlwithtats

    Anavar, Cardarine, Ostarine, S4 Female Cycle - Help

    Hi guys! Im new to this forum and excited to get some answers and thoughts regarding my planned cutting stack and dosages. Im a 28 (soon) year old female, used to be a professional athlete (figure skating) and have been lifting weights for about 5 years. During quarantine I gained some (...)...
  14. K

    Eating same meals day by day in a cut

    I have a question about cutting down I plan on losing some weight and losing some fat off my frame Should I be eating the same meals everyday with the same schedule or should I be changing my meals everyday and making it more variable and what I'm eating I feel like a robot eating the same...
  15. P

    Time to bulk up

    I’m 22 years old 180 lb 6ft tall 18% body fat I don't care anymore I've tried cutting down and when I do it seems like I lose all my strength so I just want to bulk up and see what happens. I've increase my calories to 4000 a day and I'm doing over 400 carbs. I plan on lifting at least four...
  16. N

    Pro hormones for cutting

    29 years old 5 ft 6 in 165 lb looking to try prohormones for the first time, I'm not ready for steroids so don't suggest them please. Which is the best prohormone that I can buy to help me with cutting down? my goal is to keep the same body weight but drop my body fat down to under 10%
  17. O

    best sarm for cutting?

    Hello, I am 240 pounds at 5'10". don't laugh at me i got a bit out of shape during covid, lost my abs (atleast they are covered in fat lol) but I want to bounce back. which sarms is the best for cutting, i have read about using cardarine GW and stenabolic SR but not much info on which is...
  18. L

    Where to find Stanozolol 25mg, Oxandrolone 50mg

    Stanozolol 25mg, Oxandrolone 50mg Took exclusively for cutting and cleaning up the physique. It really helped kickstart fat burn while also adding lean muscle and getting more vascular and tight. 4 years ago I did the above gear in capsule form (all in one pill) along with eating super clean...
  19. H

    New but here to learn

    This is my first thread ever so if I'm saying something wrong i apologize ahead of time. I just turned 34 and up until about this time last year the only a pre workout (Blackmarket Adrenolyn cuts) and a protein isolate. Last year I decided to try some new things as it was becoming harder to...
  20. C

    Decent cutting cycle for a woman?

    So, I've done var only cycles. For reference I'm female. 5'1.5" 123# 16% bf. I have ran var only, ecy only, and clen only cycles. I'm 7 weeks out from figure. Right now I'm stacking var with ecy, but plan to drop the ecy and switch to clen a couple weeks out and add in nolva 3 weeks out and drop...
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