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body builders

  1. Topps_Baseball88

    Approved Log On the road of redemption cutting phase starting now

    For context before I start at the bottom of this are photos of what I looked like after 8 years of hard training other then over the counter supplements I used nothing else I built my base the correct way. Trt didn't come into the picture till I was in my 30s what you see with these photos is...
  2. E

    Cara hinchada - URGENTE

    Hola, Me metí a un ciclo que dura 10 semanas. Actualmente voy completando 5 semanas usando un ciclo de lo siguiente: - Winstrol (3 por día pastillas) - Testo - Propionato (tres veces por semanas: lunes, miercoles y viernes) - Cyntomel (uno al mediodía) - Arimidex (antes de dormir) - Silimarina...
  3. C

    Independent Pro Wrestling - CLASH

    Many are accustomed to the WWE and TNA on television. However, the talent pool that both of these TV juggernauts pull from are from the Independent Scene. CLASH Wrestling is an indy out of Michigan that has featured stars such as Scotty 2 Hotty, Jimmy Jacobs, Raven, Truth Martini, Cameron...
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